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JC Younger Industrial Chiller Applications

We at JC Younger Industrial Chiller Company understand that our clients’ industries vary, but they all have one thing in common: the need for an efficient and reliable cooling system.

Glycol Chillers for Beer Industry

We provide glycol chiller for breweries across North America. Since 2006, we have worked with over 150+ breweries across the country. We specialize in glycol chiller systems for the craft beer market.

Brewery Glycol Chillers

For more information about what glycol beer chiller is right for you check out our glycol chiller blogs.

Featured Glycol Chiller Blog

Glycol Chiller for Distillery

We provide industrial glycol chillers for distilleries

Glycol Chiller for Cider Industry

Glycol Chiller For Cideries

Winery Chillers for Wine Industry

Winery Chillers


Cannabis & Hemp Chillers for Cannabis Industry

During the last five years we have been able to supply companies in recreational markets with low temp chillers that are able to rapidly cool and remove heat during the cannabis extraction process. Our expertise in the industry has led to opportunities to serve both the cannabis and industrial hemp industries.

Cannabis Chiller & CBD Chillers for the Industrial Hemp Industry

Dairy & Food Glycol Chillers for Agriculture Industry

JC Younger is able to assist dairy companies in the pasteurization process. Our glycol systems can assist dairy farms. Contact us today to get started, and click below to learn more.

Dairy & Food Glycol Chillers


Welding Chillers for Metalforming Industry

Welding Chillers




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