Welding Chillers

Manufacturing Requires Precision Welding with Quality Chiller Cooling

We’re starting to see positive results in manufacturing. Right before reaching the halfway mark this year (2021), the forecast is for “Economic Growth To Continue Through 2021,” with manufacturing showing good signs of continuing its expansion throughout the remainder of the year. While there are “18 manufacturing industries,” with “Capacity Utilization Currently at 88.3%, ” half of them report better than the average operating capacity.

Welding: A Critical Process in Manufacturing with Growing Demand

As manufacturing continues to expand with welcome growth, the production operations will also increase. Many industries require welding. For some, it’s one of the most critical processes, and manufacturing is one of the six industries where welding is commonly employed. With manufacturing projected to increase, “the welder job market is expected to grow by 5.6% between 2016 and 2026.”

Depending upon the application, traditional and laser welding methods are both being used across the different industries.  While the MIG traditional welding is better suited for automation, laser welding is now replacing the process using glue and chemical additives, offering a better indefinite hold.

Concerning the element of heat, there is “one key concern is the damage—either metallurgical or structural—potentially caused by the MIG’s relatively lengthy and widespread heat transfer into the part, followed by a long cooling cycle. Conversely, laser transmits heat energy in a very small beam, melting only a localized area. The total heat input is much less than MIG and the part cools very fast, minimizing distortion and metallurgical effects.”

Cooling: An Essential Component in Traditional and Laser Welding

Heat management is a core part of the welding process, with cooling being a factor in welding efficiency. From subpar results that can cause structural insecurities to safety precautions, proper cooling is essential during and after any welding operation.

Whether consistent, heavy-duty or joining uncommon metals together, extreme heat is a reaction from the welding process. A chiller is a necessary component during and after welding to manage the heat of the welding equipment to achieve a precision weld. Without proper cooling, welding equipment cannot operate for extensive welding needed in many processes on “Welding, Cutting and Brazing.”

Chillers: Efficient Welding Requires Cooling Expertise

Depending upon the welding process, air-cooled and water-cooled chillers offer the efficient cooling that is critical during the weld. While water-cooling systems involve more in the construction and setup, there is a faster cooling rate.

As laser welding is becoming a highly efficient method, J.C. Younger (JCY) offers decades of manufacturing and remanufacturing expertise in customizing industrial laser cooling systems to maintain the efficient cooling vital in the laser welding process. As you will read, the standard cooling operation employs both air and water-cooled chillers for the best cooling solution, and we build our industrial laser chiller systems with expert knowledge and skill.

J.C. Younger: 60+ Years of Chiller Expertise is Part of the JCY Package

Since 1956, the JCY team has been committed to more than building chillers. We are committed to being the best. Not only do we manufacture the most user-friendly chillers in the industry, but we are also proud to offer our advantages. When you become our customer, we form a partnership with you.

With the precise knowledge of every component in your chiller system, most problems are easy to troubleshoot over the phone. You never have to worry about reaching us for help with our 24/7, 365-day support. We make it our business to handle any problems with efficient solutions.

When you’re looking for the best cooling solution for your welding operation, the J.C. Younger team welcomes your inquiry and questions to find the most efficient welding chiller system.


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