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JC Younger is your one-stop-shop for all things related to breweries and microbrews. We are running promotional prices on the below items in preparation for the Craft Brewers Conference. We have everything you need, including a wide selection of chillers that will help increase production while improving quality! Our team works hard at understanding customers’ unique needs so we can provide them with high-value products tailored just right. For more information on how our glycol chiller or accessory kit could benefit any brewery looking into expanding its business reach contact us today!

Stainless Steel Beer Tanks (Craft Brewers Conference Special Price)

These quality beer tanks from JC Younger will help you take your home brewing to the next level. Made with top-of-the-line materials and construction, they are easy to use and perfect for any home brewing setup. You can trust it to deliver delicious, refreshing beer every time.

Stainless Steel Beer Tanks for Microbrewery Industry

10 HP Brewery Glycol Chiller for Rent (Craft Brewers Conference Special 10% Off)

Do you need a reliable chiller for the Craft Brewers Conference? You found it! This remanufactured 10 Horsepower Brewery Chiller is dependable and must be moved before CBC 2022. Fully reconditioned, with excellent pricing too – get your hands on one today! (10% off twelve month rental package available) Call JCY today!

Glycol Brewery Chiller for Microbrewery Industry

25 HP Brewery Glycol Outdoor Chiller (Craft Brewers Conference Promotional Sale for $27,500)

The 25 horsepower JC Younger Edwards chiller is the perfect fit for any small to a medium-sized brewery. This unit comes installed with a newly rebuilt compressor and charged up with R407F refrigerant, meaning it can be used at 28 degrees Fahrenheit!

If you need help finding industrial chillers that will work best in your facility then don’t hesitate to give us a call; we’re always happy when our customers save themselves time by contacting us first so they won’t have wasted money on something not compatible or suited towards their specific needs like these other brands often do – but instead, find exactly what by contacting JC Younger.

JCY Outdoor Brewery Chiller

Semi-Automated Beer Can Filler + Seamer + Labeler (Craft Brewers Conference Special Package Price)

Semi-Automated Beer Can Filler + Seamer for Microbrewery Industry

The Cask Semi-Automated Beer Can Filler is an ingenious device for filling and sealing large volumes of beer in a quick manner. With its 15 cans per minute fill speed, it can easily meet the demands placed on it by your busy brewery! This seamer also has an auto lid applicator that helps keep your inventory fresh without any human intervention – just set up a visit to our showroom today to get started!.

Cask SAMS Push 2 Upgrade Kit

The Cask SAMS Push 2 Upgrade Kit is a great option for those who want to improve their consistency and precision. This kit also includes an updated HMI with individual fill head control, giving you more ability than ever before when it comes to time constraints on brew day!

Ketan LCT 280E Labeler

Ketan’s newest product, the LCT 280E is a top-of-line canning and labeling machine. Capable of handling cans or bottles for any business that needs to label their products this perfect machine will be sure not let you down!

JC Younger Microbrewery Industry

Industrial Chillers and Brewery Accessories – We have what you need to keep your equipment running efficiently. Contact us today for more information on our diverse inventory of industrial chillers, brewery supplies or other related products! To see our full listings of products, please visit our Pro Brewer ad listings.


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