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Common Types Of Custom Air-cooled Chillers

USA Made Air Cooled Chillers Air-cooled chillers, chillers where water used in the chiller gets cooled by releasing heat into the ambient air through condensers, are popular in many industries. They don’t require cooling towers, and they don’t use as much water. They don’t normally need a lot of connecting pieces, either. However, every company […]

Tips for Picking the Right Chiller Rental

If you’re looking towards choosing the absolute bestĀ chiller rentalĀ for your business, you’ll get some great ideas through this article. The most important part about this is that it eases the cooling process which is a vital aspect of any engineering process. It’s also crucial if you’re planning for the most appropriate cooling technology. That way, […]

The Chiller Purpose and the Advantages of a JCY Chiller

What Do Chillers Do? As the name implies, a chiller is used for a cooling process. The varying sizes and types of chillers are based on what an application needs to be chilled or cooled. A chiller is an expensive investment that is necessary for many application processes, and it is critical that a chiller […]

Chiller Applications and Knowledge Determine the Right Refrigerant

What are Refrigerants? Starting with the basics, as explained onĀ Refrigerant Recovery Machine, “the refrigerant is an element in the form of gas or liquid, which is used to cool down a particular area in the refrigeration succession.” Therefore it becomes very important to select the right refrigerant. In other words, a refrigerant helps to capture […]

Chiller Lifespans: Type and Preventive Maintenance are Key Factors

Chiller Types and Expected Lifespans An excellent guide for the different chiller types and their recommended applications is found onĀ The Engineering As the article points out, “if you have a building with a medium to large cooling load then it’s recommended that you do not use only one oversized chiller to handle the entire […]

J.C. Younger Offers Short and Long Term Project Cooling

J.C. Younger Has Chiller Solutions for Any Project The team at J.C. Younger (JCY) understands the various needs for chillers. Not every company needs a chiller year-round, and we make it easy to get what you need when you need it. A great feature of J.C. Younger is that we ship nationwide. There are a […]

J.C. Younger Continues to Grow to Meet Industry Demands

J.C Younger (JCY) specializes in manufacturing and remanufacturing chillers for many different industrial applications. Our team of highly-trained technicians keeps up with those industries needing chillers needing temperature control. Hydroponics and cannabis cultivation are both growing industries. Water chillers are now seen as a good investment for these industries. Strengthens Roots for Improved Plant Growth […]

JC Younger’s Guide To Building a Replacing an Industrial Chiller

Last updated on February 28th, 2022 at 01:32 amOutdated And Inefficient Cooling Systems Can Become Expensive Is it time to begin thinking about the age of your building’s cooling system? If your building chiller unit is around twenty years old, and it’s requiring more frequent maintenance repairs, it’s time to consider replacing your cooling system. […]


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