Common Types Of Custom Air-cooled Chillers

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USA Made Air Cooled Chillers

Air-cooled chillers, chillers where water used in the chiller gets cooled by releasing heat into the ambient air through condensers, are popular in many industries. They don’t require cooling towers, and they don’t use as much water. They don’t normally need a lot of connecting pieces, either. However, every company needs something different from their chillers, and that means that you sometimes need to have your chiller customized. There are few common types of custom air-cooled chillers.

Remote Air Cooled Condenser

If you need to cool steam away from your chiller, a remote air cooled condenser may be what you need. This looks like a table with fans on it, and the steam is forced through finned tubes within it. Here is where the ambient air is pushed past the outside of the finned tubes and sucks heat out of the steam. Having one allows you to have your chiller recover its low temperature quickly and recapture water to cycle through the machine again.

Remote Pump And Reservoir Stand

Sometimes your chiller has to be squeezed into a tight corner. This can force the chiller to be relatively small, which could preclude having a pump and reservoir in the chiller. You can also be a distillery that needs to cool down the water for your chiller between distilling processes, or need to pump more water than usual through a small chiller during a peak season. In these instances, a separate remote pump and reservoir will be necessary. This pump and reservoir combination will need a stand to contain and protect it while it works.

Onsite Total Glycol System Build Out

Glycol is an important component of chillers. It lowers the freezing point of water and lets you maintain consistent temperatures in a chiller. Using the right ratio of glycol to water and the right amount of the mixture keeps your chiller working. There will need to be pipes to feed the proper glycol mixtures into your machinery and other pipes to circulate it as it cools. In order to keep it piped into the appropriate machines and kept at the right levels, you might need a customized build out of all the glycol supply lines and pipes.  This can only be done onsite and made specifically for your business.

Other Customizations

There are other things that can be added to a chiller in order to make it better suited for your business. Split chiller systems let you keep the refrigeration and fluid components inside, and the condenser can be outside. This will allow you to meet specific weight distribution and space requirements. More heat exchangers can be attached to start cooling a liquid before it goes in your chiller, which is something dairies often need. Always consult an expert about your chiller to see if you need any customization.

How JCY Can Help

  • We have a big warehouse where we can fabricate the chiller to the size you need.
  • All our chillers have parts that meet the UL 1995, and they are standardized.
  • None of our chillers have OEM parts or are microprocessors. This makes them easy for people to fix and operate. Parts can be replaced quickly and any technician will be able to assess them.
  • We offer maintenance with our rentals. Our technicians can also help you troubleshoot problems over the phone if you run into problems, and most problems can be solved with one phone call.
  • Our chillers can be ordered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we ship them out quickly.

If your company is like most and needs specialized chillers, we look forward to helping you. We have been creating great customized chillers for businesses for decades, so contact us with any questions.


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