Efficient and Durable Water Cooled Chillers

The Value of Water Cooled Chillers

Water cooled chillers are very popular, particularly in certain industries and under specific circumstances. In many cases, water cooled chillers will be used for air conditioning in an industrial setting and industrial process cooling. Given the number of industries that need these applications, it’s clear that water cooled chillers will have a strong role to play in the modern manufacturing world.

Most water cooled chillers are more compact than other kinds of chillers, although they will need cooling towers and an effective mechanical room. People might think that between the cooling towards and mechanical room, the water cooled chillers won’t help any organization use less space.

However, in practice, air cooled chillers and many other chillers will still often be more expansive overall than water cooled chillers, which might be a problem for some businesses. All businesses will have to take into account the availability of all of their resources when making a major decision, and space is certainly a resource.

Many manufacturers will keep all of their equipment inside, and they’re willing to make room for all of it. For these manufacturers, water cooled chillers should be particularly effective. Some organizations will not be set up for water cooled chillers, but they might be ideal for others.

Use of Energy

Water cooled chillers are known for the fact that they use energy very effectively, even when compared to many other types of chillers. An air cooled chiller will use about 10 percent more energy than any water cooled chiller.

Some people are worried about the amount of water that water cooled chillers will use. However, the water costs might be lower than some people think. Saving and conserving water might be more important in certain areas. However, water cooled chillers use all resources very efficiently overall, especially given how well they perform.

Obviously, people need to be conscientious about chiller maintenance if they care about energy efficiency. Older chillers that have not been maintained well can often use energy less efficiently.

People won’t have to worry about these energy efficiency issues as much if they rely on rental chillers, however. While they obviously have to take care of the rental chillers while they have them, the companies that rent out the chillers will need to keep the chillers in good condition in order to successfully rent them out in the first place.

Servicing Water Cooled Chillers

Water cooled chillers are incredibly useful, and many of the organizations that use them have had to absorb some of the relatively high maintenance costs associated with them. Maintaining chillers is not hugely expensive, obviously, but keeping water cooled chillers in good condition will still be costlier than maintaining air cooled chillers.

Some of the maintenance procedures involved might also be more difficult, which should be an important consideration for the organizations that are thinking about buying water cooled chillers of their own.

The organizations that are planning on renting water cooled chillers won’t have to worry about the challenges associated with servicing water cooled chillers, which should make it even easier for them to use these products.

It’s important to note that water cooled chillers tend to last for a long time in general. They will typically outlast other types of chillers, even if those chillers have been maintained very carefully. As such, organizations can generally trust that the water cooled chillers that they’ve rented are in good condition. Durability is particularly important when it comes to any rental product, making water cooled chillers particularly effective in the context of chiller rentals.

It is a good tip of advice to use Proplyene Glycol (Dowfrost) or Ethylene glycol (Dowtherm SR-1) on chiller side to protect and give longevity of chiller system.


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