• Why rent a chiller instead of buying one?

      Here are some of the many benefits that come with renting a chiller.

      • You would have the flexability to either upgrade to a larger unit, or down size depending on your cooling needs.
      • The unit would be fully covered under rental agreement for any damage to unit wear and tear.
      • No need to spend thousands of dollars on repairs or maintenance.
      • In most cases, able to write off 100% of the rent paid on your taxes
      • When you rent from us, you’re renting from a USA Company
      • Units are available normally within 1-5 business day (very crucial in most cases)
      • Takes away the responsibility of the customer and maintenance department.
      • Around 1/3 the cost of our competitors rental price
      • We provide the hoses for a quick installation, preventing down time for you.
      • We provide a transformer if power requirements aren’t available in correct voltage
  • How do I go about buying a chiller?

      You’re starting in the right place! JCY has been in the chiller business for over 30 plus years. We strive to make the chiller buying process through us as easy as possible. The more information you have about your cooling needs the faster and smoother the process will be. But if you’re not sure what you need, we are happy to help!

  • How do I ship the chiller?

      We will help determine shipping arrangements. JCY has a local shipping company that does an amazing job for many years if needed.

  • What do I do about freight damage?

      As with any shipment, the party receiving equipment is obligated to report freight damage at the time of delivery. If your shipment shows up damaged, the follow actions would be advisable: 1) Take photos of the damage 2) Make a note on the drivers delivery paperwork of the damage 3) NEVER SIGN FOR AN EQUIPMENT DELIVERY WITHOUT PERFORMING AN INSPECTION 4) FAILURE TO NOTE DAMAGE ON DELIVERY PAPERWORK WILL RESULT IN A DECLINED FREIGHT CLAIM IN MOST CASES 5) Contact the freight carrier to file a claim immediately.

  • How do I get technical support on the chiller I have purchased?

      JC Younger company will try to help trouble shoot over the phone, or will send out a Certified technician to assist in getting you back up and running.

  • What size chiller do I need?

      JC Younger company can size the unit according to the information you provide us.


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