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JC Younger Industrial Chiller Company

JC Younger Company is a family-owned industrial chiller manufacturer based in Saint Louis Park, MN that builds high-quality, reliable chiller units for the brewery industry as well as any industry seeking a custom industrial chiller.

Industrial Chillers and Brewery Industry Accessories

We specialize in the production of glycol and water-cooled models to ensure maximum efficiency during operation with our customers’ needs always at heart! We also offer industrial chiller rental options for your heat transfer needs.

JC Younger Industrial Chillers are built for durability, so when you need a dependable chiller unit that will last through the toughest conditions- JC Younger Company has your back with best-in-class industrial chiller service.

We understand how important it is to maintain high productivity in manufacturing plants such as microbreweries and other industrial facilities throughout America.

That’s why our team focuses on providing remanufactured chillers with an exclusive focus on glycol cooled chillers for breweries which can withstand much higher temperatures than water cooled systems without breaking down as often during intense workout sessions (or anything else).

JC Younger is proud to be an exclusive supplier of American-made, high-quality industrial glycol chillers. Our remanufactured chiller units are built with stronger components and come at a more affordable price than any new industrial chiller manufacturer in America.

JCY Chiller Experts

We understand how important your chiller system functions properly. You can’t afford downtime for any length of time so we strive to make our chillers more dependable, reliable, and user friendly as possible. We also employ a team of industrial chiller specialists that specialize in industrial chiller repair. We have a unique understanding of small industrial chillers units as well as glycol brewery chillers for the craft beer industry.

When you work with the JC Younger team, we’ll take the time to listen and learn what your business needs in a chiller to ensure that you get the best quality system. We custom build water chiller units to fit your application.

Custom Industrial Chillers

Anyone can sell you an “off the rack” or catalog chiller, but we want to sell you the RIGHT chiller. Whether you need a water-cooled chiller, custom chillers, or a propylene glycol chiller for temperature control, we can assist you in your heating and cooling needs. We are known across the country for our ability to sell and rent microbrewery chillers to assist breweries with removing heat and process cooling.

Industrial Chiller for Rent

JCY Industrial Chillers are available for any type of application including rental chillers for temporary, emergency or research/development (r/d) systems. The rental units are available from single-month rentals to long-term r/d applications. In the event we cannot deliver a purchased chiller as quickly as you may require it, we can provide a rental unit at a 50% reduction in rental rates until we can deliver the unit.

Learn more about our Industrial Chiller Rental Packages here.

JCY Customer Service Professionals

JCY can help you from start to finish on your project. We have over 60 years of experience with industrial chiller rental and industrial chiller sales!

Industrial Chiller Maintenance

Learn more about our preventative maintenance packages, including how we measure refrigerant levels, flow rates, and keep track of daily logs. Our team of refrigeration system experts can help you improve your cooling capacity. Schedule a call with us today.

Additional JCY Chiller Accessories For Sale

For a full selection of our Brewery Accessories available, visit our Pro Brewer Profile to see our latest offerings of Beer Tanks, Brite Tanks, Canning Lines, and Cooling Towers.


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