Is It Time to Plan for a New Industrial Chiller System?

Life of Industrial Chillers Varies Among the Types

For anyone who is a novice when it comes to chiller systems, there is a lot of information that can be overwhelming. Just looking at the type and age of your chiller system is a good place to start as found on When temperatures are cool or cold, it may be the perfect time to replace a building’s cooling system. Planning a replacement does take time and planning. The team at J.C. Younger (JCY) is here to help.

Types of Industrial Chillers

The three types of chillers are air-cooled, water-cooled and evaporative condensed units. The age of chillers can vary between 10 and 25+ years depending on its sub-type and use.

For every type of chillers, there are four subtypes to include reciprocating, centrifugal, screw-drive, and absorption chillers. Not sure if you have the best type for your needs? J.C. Younger will explain if you need a different chiller type.

When the Obvious is Unavoidable – New Equipment and the Benefits

If your chiller system is more than twenty-years-old, it is time to evaluate its replacement. Continuing unexpected repairs is a definite sign to begin the planning process. Energy efficiency is a big factor in replacing an old chiller system. Along with the added benefits of cost saving rebates, technology has introduced “predictive maintenance.” Knowing that parts are not properly functioning will help in equipment failures. Eco-friendly refrigerants are now being used that will help in the reduction of gases affecting our environment.

What to Consider in the Planning Process?

With proper planning, chiller system replacement will go much smoother. Calling the JCY team will help the process move quicker.

1. How has the building changed since the current unit was installed? Your system’s load requirements may now be quite different than the original load capacity.

2. What future changes could affect a chiller system’s load? The JCY team can help guide you through the changes that could affect your chiller system.

3. Selecting the best system. JCY can make this process easy with our ability and skill to customize your system to your exact present and future needs.

  1. Is the type of chiller you have still the best type?
  2. Where will the new system be placed?
  3. Is the electrical capacity sufficient?
  4. What size unit should be purchased?
  5. Will you need a temporary unit?

Why J.C. Younger? Decades of Experience and Repeat Customers

  1. J.C. Younger is a leading manufacturer and remanufacturer of chiller systems that are required in many applications.
  2. We have the ability and skill to customize to each customer’s unique needs.
  3. We have built a team of highly-skilled technicians since our inception in 1956.
  4. We sell to and service our customers all across America. Our vast network of skilled technical help allows us to have someone on-site as needed.
  5. Our customer satisfaction says a lot about us. Our customers know that we stand behind our 24/7 customer support. We know that downtime means money to every customer.
  6. We build our chiller systems to be user-friendly so that operations are not a guessing game. Since we build every unit from the ground up, we know our chillers. Most issues can be solved over-the-phone.
  7. No OEM or specialized products.
  8. When rental units are needed, our customers get a special rate until their system is ready to go.
  9. We offer financing options because we know that this is one of the most important investments businesses can make.
  10. We take care of the shipping arrangements with a dedicated shipper who knows the importance dependable service.
  11. You will not be left without the training you need to keep your system efficiently operating.

Contact JC Younger Chillers Today in Minneapolis, Minnesota Serving All of USA

Most of all, our team loves what we do. We take pride in offering the best in customer service. Whatever your chiller needs may be, we hope you will contact the J.C. Younger team first. We are always here to take your call.


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