J.C. Younger Chillers: Known for Quality and Respected for Service


A Team with Years of Training and Experience

The team at J.C. Younger hope you have come to our company in your search for your first chiller or to replace one that is no longer delivering the temperature control your business requires. We have been manufacturing and remanufacturing chillers since 1956. With every innovative upgrade, we make sure our chillers deliver efficiency and endurance. We are confident that we can customize a chiller to exceed your standards.

We Serve the Entire United States

Our team is highly-trained. We are confident in the products we design and build. We have the capability to ship anywhere in the United States. The shipper we use delivers our products with care. When we do need on-site assistance, we have an extensive network of specialized technicians all across the country.

We Have History with Many Applications

We work with a variety of industries to offer dependable temperature control. We have many years of education and experience to build chillers for a variety of applications. Once we know the details of a business, we can design the exact chiller that will last for many years. The more you tell us, the quicker we can deliver.

Quality is Always Built into Every Chiller

The parts and components we use to build our chillers are never specialized or OEM products, and we supply all components at wholesale prices. Every chiller we build, we build with precision and care to give our customers total quality.

We Build Ease into Our Chillers

Our chillers are built to be extremely user-friendly for everyday use and for maintenance. When you have a problem, we can diagnose and solve most issues over the phone keeping downtime to a minimum.

We Understand that Chiller Size Matters

When our customers are not sure of the chiller size needed, we help with that process from our years of experience and expertise. That is what is great about renting from us. When you’re new in the business, try one of our rentals to see our quality and the exact size your applications requires. We are happy to work with you on switching out rental sizes to make sure your business is running efficiently.

Best Unit Protection in the Industry

We stand behind our products. You will have our warranty protection, and you will have the best in service available 24/7.

Need a Chiller Immediately?

No worries, we have rental chillers that we can quickly customize for you. We offer a discounted rate for any rental while we are custom-building your chiller.

When Cash Flow Is a Factor

We understand that chillers are an expensive investment and not every business has enough available cash for a chiller. We have made it easier for our customers when it comes to financing. We are proud to offer our customers options through the partnerships we have developed with financial institutions.

Customer Service and Support that Goes Above and Beyond

We have become well-known for our products and our service. We are honored to partner with new and long-term customers. You never have to worry about not reaching us for service and support. We know our products, we have the expert, friendly technicians available 24/7, and we will get an on-site technician to you if ever needed.

Ready for a Quality Chiller? Contact Us Today!

Call the team at J.C. Younger when you are ready for the best chiller you will find across the United States. We are always excited to design and custom-build a new, high-quality chiller. It is always an honor to be your choice for your chiller needs, and it is our pleasure to partner with you.


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