JCY Guidance and Options for Your Best Chiller Solutions in the U.S.A.

J.C. Younger: Great Guidance with Years of Education and Experience

With over 60-years of experience, along with continual education, the team at J.C. Younger (JCY) can help you make the most cost-effective decision when you’re in the market for a chiller. Whether you want to purchase a new or remanufactured chiller, the JCY team can help you understand your application’s best decision. Maybe, you only need a temporary cooling solution. We will guide you to make the best decision and selection for your precise application needs.

Purchasing a JCY Chiller

Whether you are purchasing your first chiller, or you are replacing an old one, you need to take time to plan your process. We can help you with everything you need to consider when you’re ready to begin planning for a new or replacement chiller system. Maybe, you don’t need to make the investment that a new chiller would cost.

Remanufactured Chillers by JCY

When we believe that a company can benefit from the cost savings of one of our remanufactured chillers, we certainly will review this option in detail. Our remanufactured chillers are grouped into two categories.

  1. Stock – We have multiple units that can be duplicated and customized to your application’s specifications.
  2. Single – These are ready-to-go, 1-2 days, units that cannot be duplicated.

If it makes sense for your application and operational budget, there are beneficial reasonsto consider a remanufactured chiller.

  1. Cost Savings
  2. Same JCY Quality
  3. One-Year Parts Warranty
  4. Better Fit for Short-Term Chilling Needs
  5. Customized to Application Requirements

Chiller Financing Partnerships

Another way we have made it easier for our customers to get what is best for them is through our financing options. We understand that the cost of a new chiller can be paralyzing to a company’s cash flow. With our partnerships with leading finance companies, our customers have more options to get what their application requires.

Renting a JCY Chiller

Some companies find that it is better for them to rent chillers, especially during start-up or when they need to take their chillers down for maintenance. Using a JCY rental, you get great benefits to help you get your business going or continue working with our commitment to quick delivery and installation. Not to mention, you have the flexibility to make changes. And, maintenance is our problem. With our extensive network of chiller technicians, we can take care of our rentals. We are always happy to talk with you to help you understand if chiller rental is a better option for you.

The JCY Advantage

The entire team at J.C. Younger is proud of everything we offer to our customers. We are committed to our customer satisfaction, and you know you have all the advantages when you have our team supporting you and your chiller needs. To help you know a little more about us, check out what some of our customers have reported back.

J.C. Younger: Best Chiller Options with Personal and Professional Service

You never have to wait until the next day, when you are experiencing chiller problems. You will be able to reach a technician no matter the time or day. A big advantage of having a JCY chiller is how user-friendly we have constructed them. Many issues can be handled over-the-phone, because we built our chillers from the ground up, and we know every component.

It’s our goal, at J.C. Younger, to be known across the country as a dedicated and loyal chiller manufacturer. Our motivating factor is knowing that we have delivered the best chiller and even better customer service. It is always an honor to have the opportunity to share what our team can do for you. We work with companies anywhere in the U.S.A., so call us any time to learn more!


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