Laser Chillers

Industrial Laser Cooling & Laser Chillers for Welding

Lasers are a bigger part of our lives than we realize. They are used in medical devices and therapeutic settings. Lasers are often used in industrial fabricating processes too. This means that there is a good chance that your company uses them in some capacity, and you need them to be as efficient as possible.

Keeping your laser efficient means ensuring that it always operates at its peak. That requires a laser chiller.

What A Chiller Will Do For Your Laser

Lasers get hot just from doing their job, and things can go wrong when that happens. Extra heat will mess with the wavelength, beam, and accuracy of the laser so your operations will suffer. For instance, lasers make cleaner cuts in metal sheets and silicon wafers when they are kept cool.

The laser tube and surrounding  equipment can be damaged, and a laser’s lifespan can be shortened by excessive heat.

An industrial laser chiller will keep your laser at a consistent, acceptable temperature. The standard way that they do this is to circulate a coolant around a laser tube to remove as much heat as possible and then take the coolant back to a refrigeration unit. Air chillers will take the heat from the refrigeration unit and disperse it in the open air. Water chillers will run the heated coolant over pipes of water that take the heat and then cool the water before sending the coolant through the system again.

Things To Consider

Every laser produces heat, but the amount of heat varies by type and circumstance. The amount that your laser makes when it is working at its best is called its heat load, and the heat load will be a deciding factor in the type of chiller you get. A big, hot laser will need a powerful chiller, but you are wasting energy if you get one that is too big for your laser.

The size of your chiller will probably be decided by the power rating of your laser. Powerful lasers need chillers with a large capacity. Most laser chiller manufacturers give their chillers capacities between 600 watts and several kW, so you will have a range of choices to meet your laser’s needs.

JC Younger Understands

Every company using a laser is a little different from all the other ones. This means that your chiller needs will be unique. JC Younger aims to accommodate this with our own programs. This is why we:

– Loan machines for as long as you need them, whether that is a few weeks or a few years.

– Offer indoor and outdoor units. Outdoor units can take advantage of the cold weather in the winter.

– Customize chillers to each company. We provide package plans that come with accessories and build the chillers as big as you need them at our large warehouse.

– Make sure that using our chillers is easy and user-friendly. They are also durable and created with the wear and tear of industrial uses in mind.

– Provide routine maintenance as part of our rental program. We can even do a deep cleaning of chillers that need an overhaul.

– Use only ETL/UL-1999 approved parts that any technician can get their hands on. There are no microprocessors, OEM, or other specialized parts that make chillers difficult to repair.

– Offer troubleshooting services by phone. We can talk you through most problems with a phone call.

– Take orders 24 hours a day and seven days a week, and send the chiller requested to you shortly after you order.

If you are interested in getting a chiller for your laser, contact us. We have been getting chillers to businesses for decades, and we will be glad to serve your needs.


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