What Makes A Good Chiller Rental & Sales Company

QUALITY is Everything When it Comes to Manufacturing Chillers

If you look up the meaning of quality as defined by the Merriam-Webster, there are quite a few groups of words that are valuable for manufacturers of chillers to keep in mind.

  • Acquired Skill
  • Distinguishing Attribute
  • Superior in Kind
  • Degree of Excellence

QUALITY Training with Industry Experience and Knowledge

Not just anyone can build a chiller. It takes training followed by the experience of the industry to build a trustworthy company.

The team at J.C. Younger (JCY) is highly skilled with decades of experience and continuing education to keep up with the challenges and changes in the industry. We hold one master refrigeration license and full insurances.

QUALITY Customer Service and Support

Good business starts with quality customer service from the very first moment someone contacts a chiller manufacturer with a need that almost always starts with concerns and questions.

-At J.C Younger, we pride ourselves with the skilled experience and knowledge to address any customer’s concerns and questions with every type of chiller we design for many chiller applications. One of our distinguishing attributes is our 24/7 customer support. Our customers are never left waiting until the next day.

QUALITY Components and Parts

For a chiller to efficiently function, components and parts, that are superior in kind, can make a big difference in the performance of any chiller system.

-J.C. Younger chillers are only built with superior components and parts. We do not use any specialized or OEM components, and all of our components are available at wholesale level. We make it easy for our customers to get parts replaced. Our chillers are ETL – UL 1995 listed equipment for indoor and outdoor locations.

QUALITY-Built Chillers for Ease of Operation

For a chiller to efficiently operate for years, it is essential that customers can confidently understand its operations and know how to monitor for possible problems.

-The chillers designed by the JCY team are built to be user-friendly. Renting or selling chillers that are easy to learn to operate is part of what labels our chillers with a degree of excellence.

QUALITY Customer Services

You cannot just sell chillers without handling and offering services that show customers they are valued. Valuable partnerships with shippers, financial institutions, and skilled technicians are critical to offering customers quality service beyond the sale.

-At J.C. Younger, we have a dedicated shipper, who carefully delivers our chillers anywhere in the United States. We offer finance options to help our customers get our quality chillers, and we have a network of skilled technicians to service our customers across the country.

QUALITY Chiller Customization

Every business has its unique setup, and a good chiller manufacturer should be able to customize a chiller to suit any special needs.

-The JCY team offers exceptional knowledge and skill in designing custom chiller systems to meet the special requirements that our customers may need for their particular application.

QUALITY is Everything at J.C. Younger

Since opening for business in 1956, the JCY team has been dedicated and excited to deliver quality chillers. As we mentioned above, we take great pride and skill to build each and every chiller system. We welcome anyone experiencing chiller dissatisfaction. We never look at challenges as a problem, but as a way to design an exceptional chiller system.

Building quality chillers and quality customer relationships are our top priorities. We are always ready to partner with new customers, and we are always available to keep all of our chillers efficiently working.

If you’re looking for quality-built chillers, we’re here to talk with you. It’s an honor to be your choice of chiller manufacturers.


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