When Your System Breaks Down, Chiller Rentals Are Your Friend

USA Made Industrial Chiller Rentals from JC Younger Keep You Going

Few things are worse than machinery malfunctioning on you. This is particularly true if your business has a chiller, relies on it to complete your job, and then acts up. The result can be anything from lost cannabis clients to spoiled scientific studies. This is when renting a chiller is a business saver.

Keeps You Operational

Time is money in business. Any amount of time that you spend trying to fix a chiller is time that your employees are getting paid to stand around and product is going bad. You have to replace the product, explain to customers about any delays (which won’t look good,) and possibly hire on another company to finish your job.

You can avoid most of the foregoing when you rent a chiller to replace the malfunctioning one. It should arrive before you lose much productivity, and it can let you meet your obligations without the expense of subcontracting.

Lets You Scope Out Your Options

One of the worst aspects of a broken chiller is that it is a crisis. It needs to be fixed before your normal processes come to a screeching halt. This can lead you to fix it in a way that costs far more later on. The rental chiller acts as a stop gap measure that gives you time to think about how you can best resolve your problem.

Do you need a completely new system? Was there something wrong with the wiring or logistics that could be updated to make things work better? Is it better to switch processes? You have a chance to ask yourself these questions and get to the best answer for your company.

Allows You To Deal With Other Types Of Systemic Emergencies

Systems fail in a number of ways for many reasons. In the best situation, your business expands too fast for your machinery to cope with. In other times, your business has to pivot to meet changing demands and your old chiller just doesn’t work for the new circumstances.

Renting a new chiller is part of meeting those challenges. It lets you change your process temporarily or try out the new type of chiller until you are ready to buy the most appropriate one. It lets you double up your speed to meet rising demand.

The best part about them is that you can save up to buy the one you are renting if your new situation is permanent.

How JCY Helps

After decades of serving industry, JC Younger understands how important it is to businesses to keep working all the time. This is why we provide services that can take companies out of a jam. These are:

  • Our rentals can be ordered any day of the week and at any hour.
  • We ship our rentals out as quickly as possible, so you can have them when you need them.
  • Our rentals are completely covered for routine maintenance.
  • If any of our rentals cause trouble, our technicians will be right there to fix it.
  • We can troubleshoot a rental over the phone.
  • The chillers use parts that any technician can fix or replace if they require it.
  • We have water-cooled and air-cooled varieties to choose from, and our wide selection means that we are likely to have the chiller you need for your particular job.

You can rent a chiller for as little as one week or keep it for years. However long it takes to get back and running is how long you can use it.

We take our commitment to businesses seriously, so when you need a chiller rental, contact us. Our warehouse and our technicians are ready for your order.


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