5 Reasons to Rent Chillers for R&D

No matter what your business model, research and development form a key component of moving your business forward and staying competitive. Even though it may be months or years before the release of your new product line, you need to think ahead today. If any of your experiments or products require low temperatures, then you need a chiller. Today, we are going to look at five reasons to consider renting a chiller for your research and development needs.

1. Flexible Usage

Research and development means that you do work now hoping for a pay-off at some point in the future. While you have a budget and deadlines, research and development work tends by its very nature to be uncertain. You never know when timelines or business needs will shift. Without warning, that product release date could be moved up or down depending on market trends, making once critical products less critical or vice versa. Rental chillers let you decide how much you need and when you need it, without being tied down to a large piece of equipment that may no longer serve your needs.

2. Lower Costs

For R&D purposes, you will often find it costs considerably less to rent than to buy. As with any large industrial purchase, a larger chiller may take years of operation before you get a good return on your investment. If research ultimately reveals that your idea won’t work, ROI may become zero, and then what are you going to do with that chiller you bought? Renting a chiller will let you store and process relevant materials without the kind of up-front cost that comes from purchasing one.

3. Securely Control Samples

Proper control is essential to R&D projects. All samples should be kept at the same temperature, sealed off from any external element which could contaminate your results. By renting chillers from an expert focused in this area, you can be sure of the latest and most secure technology, enough to keep space cool without adding any unexpected contaminants to the work. Subject to your lease contract, you can expect timely service from a provider with active interest in making sure that their chillers are working as expected. If you suddenly need to control two physically separate areas, rental chillers make it easier to get the exact same machinery in two different places.

4. Stay Lean

As with every area of your business, but especially when it comes to funding R&D, staying lean is always ideal. Monthly leases make for a tidy line item that is usually tax-deductible. You know what you have, how much you are paying, and what you expect in return. Applying lean principles to R&D means having the materials you need and only those materials to get the work done. It means avoiding unnecessary expenditures and getting tied down to a specific process. If you really want to pursue new ideas and branch out in new directions, a lean R&D lab can let you work as freely as your budget will allow. Renting chillers can form one key part of running a lab of this kind.

5. Safety Concerns.

Depending on your business needs, improperly cooled materials can cause everything from bad lab results to a health emergency. By renting a chiller now, you can ensure that all related materials will be kept at the desired temperature starting right away. Buying a chiller can take days or weeks, which may be too long for your projects to wait. If for safety reasons, you need to store or process goods as soon as possible, then renting a chiller may not just a better option. It may be your only option.

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