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Last updated on March 1st, 2022 at 12:03 am

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There are many types of chillers used in various industries, which include medical and beverage processing. Each industry has different requirements for their cooling needs; there’s a chiller that will solve any problem you might be having! You may need an installed permanent unit to take care day-to-day operations but sometimes emergencies arise where temporary rental units could come into play like at weddings or other events where temperature fluctuations occur between starts/stop times

Here are five different types of chillers that can be rented from JC Younger to take care of any type of cooling needs:

Evaporator Shell and Tube Chillers for Large Scale Needs

Evaporative shell and tube chillers are extremely efficient for larger operations. If you have a space that needs to have a chiller with a capacity of several hundred tons, the evaporative tube and shell design is an ideal solution for your cooling needs. These systems can be made of various materials, including stainless steel, which is ideal for food processing operations. The evaporative shell and tube chillers are also an efficient solution for operations like brewing facilities where cool temperatures are needed for the process of making beverages.

Plate Evaporator Chillers for Energy-Efficiency on A Smaller Scale

The plate evaporator chiller is more efficient than the conventional tube and shell design. It is a system that is ideal for smaller applications, such as a small brewery operation. With a plate evaporator, the tonnage will be limited to below 150 tons. If you need more cooling, then you may need more than one chiller or go with a different type of system. These types of chillers will give you an efficient and affordable solution for smaller operations, and they can be rented for a temporary solution to problems your business faces.

Reciprocating Compressor Air Chillers for Commercial Applications

Another type of system that you may want to consider for your commercial chiller needs is a reciprocating compressor air chiller. This system is ideal for larger industrial operations that require specific applications. These are also systems that have many moving parts and require regular maintenance to ensure they are working properly. The benefit of a reciprocating compressor is that it is the most common type of compressor design, and they can come in any size that is needed for the largest industrial applications. They are less ideal for smaller applications, which require less chilling capacity.

Centrifugal Compressors for Commercial and Industrial Air Chiller Systems

The centrifugal compressors have fewer parts, which means that there are less repairs, friction and costs. These are ideal for systems that need to be efficient and reliable. They are commonly used in large industrial applications where cost and efficiency are important factors to consider when choosing a chiller. They are also available in different sizes to meet industrial chiller needs.

Screw Compressor Designs for Commercial and Industrial Applications

Screw compressors are ideal for heavy-duty chilling needs in industries like food processing. These are often simple compressors that have few parts, and can be installed on mobile units, which make them ideal for rental needs. They can easily be installed and operated to provide industrial operations where temporary backups are needed. These systems can provide your business with an efficient backup chiller solution in emergency situations, such as after natural disasters.


These are some of the different types of chillers that can be rented to take care of cooling needs. Contact JC Younger to get help finding the right type of industrial chiller for your business needs. When you work with JC Younger Industrial Chillers, you receive professional service and affordable rental chiller plans through a family-owned business. JC Younger can provide chillers for all types of commercial and industrial applications.


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