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Last updated on March 1st, 2022 at 12:06 am

Do you want to maximize your beer production? Then you need high-quality brewery chillers made from a reputable company. Brewery chiller is not just for beer production; if you plan to start your own winery, then this cooling equipment is a must-have.

To ensure you never go wrong, there is a ton of information about brewery chillers concerning the design, size, and functionality. Check out our top 8 interesting things about brewery chillers.

Propylene Glycol Brewery Chillers Are the Best

Any smart business owner that wants to start a brewery will first do extensive research. If you’ve done your research then by now, you must be aware of one of the interesting things about brewery chillers is that the glycol chiller has a wide range of advantages as compared to a water-based chiller. For starters, they give quicker cooling even when you use smaller equipment. One of the Interesting things about brewery chillers is that a glycol chiller can also be installed indoors or outside.

It’s Better to Rent a Chiller Than to Buy a Chiller

Starting a brewery means you have to run on a tight budget. One of the best ways to cut costs is to opt for a rental brewery chiller. Rental chillers are one of the interesting things about brewery chillers. A rental chiller also gives you the window to see whether that particular size or design meets your need before you can fully commit to buying. When you rent a glycol chiller and your needs change then upgrading or replacing the existing chiller will be so much easier.

Chiller Maintenance Is a Must

Both startup breweries and businesses that have been operating for a couple of years must schedule maintenance for their chillers. Regular maintenance ensures optimal working conditions and durability of the equipment. Interesting things about brewery chillers is the advantage that comes with the rental chillers. The advantage is that the company where you got it from will have experts who can do proper maintenance for your equipment to last longer.

Glycol Brewery Chillers Are Excellent for Cooling Wort Quickly

Chilling your wort is a crucial step in brewing beer. Some interesting things about brewery chillers are that: with a quality brewery chiller, you can quickly cool your wort and prevent the wild yeast and bacteria from surviving and causing off-flavors. Quick chilling also enables your beer to be clearer and to last longer by preventing degradation.

It’s Easy to Buy the Right Brewery Chiller

Before purchasing a brewery chiller, ask the right questions. Do you know the design or size of the chiller you need? How much will the equipment you want cost? Do you know how to install it? Do you have the ideal location? According to Forbes to have a successful brewery, you must put it in the best location. Doing extensive research and talking to an expert in the industry can help you make an informed decision.

Glycol Chillers Carry Heat Faster

Heat is one of the byproducts of many chemical reactions, including in the brewing process. When operating a brewery, you want the heat to be transferred at a fast rate, and glycol in brewery chillers can do that for you. One of the interesting things about brewery chilled glycol is that it can operate at a wide range of temperatures. Furthermore, interesting things about brewery chillers is that it can mix with water to create a mixture with low freezing points makes it ideal for cooling fermenters in the brewery process.

Chiller System Can Experience Freeze Alarm

Most times it’s easy to completely forget about your glycol chiller until the day you find out that it has stopped working. One cause of failure for your chiller system can be a freeze-up caused by lack of glycol flow.

One of the interesting things about brewery chillers is that these issues can be prevented by ensuring that the glycol level on the storage tank is above the minimum requirement. Also, ensure that the maintenance technician checks the glycol percentage at least monthly.

Let JCY Help You Grow Your Brewery Business

As your brewery business grows, your needs are also going to change. What’s great about using J.C Younger is that they have skilled technicians with the expertise to build any specific brewery chiller that will meet your needs. Whether you have a microbrewery or large breweries, you can count on a custom design brewery chiller from JCY to maintain optimal temperatures.

Feel free to contact us anytime and we will help you select the brewery chiller that will meet your business goals.


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