The Advantage Of Renting A New Chiller

Chillers are used in many industries: dairy, medical, breweries, etc. When the need arises for a new chiller why opt to rent or lease? Probably the most important reason is the support factor. If a chiller goes down for any reason, it is critical for a business to get it up and running as soon as possible. Not only are rented or leased chillers accompanied with service support, but in the event of chiller failure, with a repair that requires a temporary chiller replacement, a business owner does not have to purchase another chiller. Rental or lease agreements will provide a replacement chiller. Even with a brand new chiller things can go wrong unexpectedly, whether through operator error or other factors:

Operating Practices

Sometimes a person inexperienced with how a chiller operates will attempt to get the chiller to do something it was not designed to do. This often happens when an effort is made to increase the flow of chilled water throughout the chiller in order to cool a larger area than the chiller is designed for. Although it may seem logical that increasing the flow of chilled water would naturally result in greater chilling capacity, it actually reduces the efficiency of the chiller altogether. Also, because chiller tubes are designed for a certain flow rate, it can also cause tube failure. 

Improper Maintenance

It is important to perform regular inspections and routine maintenance. Often, chiller owners, inexperienced in the product, do not understand how critical this is for optimum performance. This is yet another reason to opt for renting or leasing a chiller rather than purchasing one. Routine scheduled maintenance is part of the package.


Corrosion within chiller tubes is common. This will reduce water flow, create a build-up of sediment, and eventually reduce efficiency of chiller performance. There are certain coatings that offer solutions to this problem. Routine inspection and maintenance can determine when to implement the use of these coatings. This can only be done by a professional.


Chillers contain an assortment of mechanical parts that work together in a cooling system. When a problem arises with a chiller it can be any number of things:

  • Fans
  • Pumps
  • Tubes
  • Motors
  • Electrical wiring
  • Compressors

Any of these components can have their own issues or failures. To own a chiller means to be responsible for every single part within the chiller. The average person in industries requiring the use of a chiller, such as medicine, dairy or breweries, are usually not mechanical engineers or electricians. That is why renting or leasing a chiller is the best solution. Consider some of the advantages to renting or leasing a chiller:

  • Replacement or upgrade option without investment.
  • Damage, repairs and routine maintenance covered in a rental or lease agreement.
  • Often there are tax incentives for business related equipment that is rented or leased.
  • Rapid response for service.
  • More economical than ownership.

For your own chiller solutions, please contact us and partner with a company that has chillers designed to work for any application, whether it be temporary, long-term or even an emergency situation. We are a full service company offering new chillers as well as our own rebuilt chillers. That means we have experience with every working part of a chiller and skilled, certified technicians that can maintain your chiller, keeping it at peak operating performance. Rebuilding chillers also means we have on hand an extensive supply of stocked parts and can provide rapid response for repair needs. Family owned and operated for sixty years, we are a leader in the chiller industry, set apart by our personalized service style, integrity and commitment to quality service. Please contact us today for an estimate on having your own chiller needs met.

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