All the Reasons to Rent a Chiller from J.C. Younger

At J.C. Younger (JCY), we have been manufacturing and remanufacturing chillers since 1956. While we are always excited to sell a custom-designed chiller, we also want our customers to know that we keep an inventory of designated, rental chillers for many reasons.

In an Emergency, JCY has Rental Chillers

One main reason for keeping rental chillers ready to customize and ship is so that we can cover emergency situations for our present and prospective customers. We work fast to get a chiller to our customers.

Starting a New Business, Try a JCY Rental Chiller on For Size

There is quite a lot to consider if your operation requires quality temperature control. At JCY, we like to suggest that customers, just starting out, rent a chiller first. One reason is getting the right size for the job. With rentals, you have the flexibility to make a change.

This easy-to-understand comparison between owning or renting offers the positives and negatives to purchasing equipment, as found on CHEQROOM. It’s always amazing what today’s technology is creating to better business efficiencies.

When Money is Tight, a JCY Rental is a Financial Solution

Especially with start-ups, money can be tight. A JCY rental chiller can be the best solution for keeping your upfront costs to a minimum.

When Maintenance is a Problem, a JCY Rental is the Perfect Option

When you’re light on the maintenance staff to keep up with routine maintenance, our rentals are the perfect answer. With our country-wide network of highly qualified technicians, we take care of the maintenance and repairs on our JCY rental chillers.

When Normal Wear and Tear is a Worry, a JCY Rental Chiller is the Best Answer

There will always be wear and tear, and parts will need to be replaced. Normal wear and tear are included in a JCY rental agreement. We’ll even trade out the chiller if normal wear and tear lead to unexpected downtime.

Want a Tax Deduction, a JCY Rental Chiller may be Deductible

Check with your accountant to see if a chiller rental will offer a tax-deduction. Generally, rental equipment is tax deductible.  A helpful review of tax deductions is found on The Balance Small Business.

When You Cannot be Down for Annual PM, a JCY Rental Chiller Keeps You Working

Chillers must be well-maintained and annual, preventive maintenance (PM) must be performed. A JCY rental chiller is the solution to keep your process up and running.

When it’s Crunch Time, a JCY Rental Chiller Can Help Production

If there are certain times of the year when production needs to increase, a JCY rental chiller can help you meet the demands.

Whether a Weeklong or Long-Term, a JCY Rental Chiller is Available

From taking your chiller down for its extensive preventive maintenance to long-term rentals, our rentals are available for the time our customers need them.

When You Want to Use the Latest Technologies, a JCY Chiller Rental is Equipped

At JCY, we keep up with all advances in technology that can better our chillers to offer our customers the best in today’s technology. As you know, we are at the beginning of the “fourth industrial revolution,” from advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), and we’re going to continually see more and more exciting advances, as reviewed Ars Technica.

When You’re Worried about Operating a Chiller, a JCY Chiller is User-Friendly

We pride ourselves in building some of the most user-friendly chillers in the industry. One is that we can help you troubleshoot most of your problems, right over-the-phone. We build them with quality components and parts that are available for quick replacement.

When You Want the Best, A JCY Rental Chiller Offers Quality and More

Whether you are looking to purchase or rent a chiller, we would like to share with you everything you will get when you become a JCY customer. From our JCY Advantages to Leasing Options to our Customer Service and Support, we make sure you’re happy with a JCY chiller, that we always build with expertise and quality.

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