Cold Brew Chillers for Coffee

cold brew chillers

Industrial Chillers for Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee is a rapidly evolving industry, and one of the newer developments is cold brewing. Customers are coming to appreciate the reduced acidity, smoother taste, and increased caffeine of cold brewed coffee. People who find coffee hard on their stomach like that the cold brewed variety treats their stomach well. If and when your company moves in on this trend, it will need a chiller.

Why? Well, cold brew coffee is made by steeping ground coffee beans in cold water for a many hours and then filtering out the grounds. In order to keep your water at the right temperature during the steeping process, you need a chiller.

Types Of Chillers for Cold Brew Coffee

Since the water in the tank where you soak the beans has to be kept pretty cool, glycol chillers are generally used.

How your equipment is arranged will depend on your process and what you want. There are single stage chillers that have one compressor and are built for simplicity.  In contrast, multistage chillers have multiple compressors and are supposed to maximize efficiency. The multistage type can be turned on and off for when you don’t need it. A high volume operation might want a big chiller package, with all the parts coming in one machine and making it easy to operate. Your chiller can be made to your specifications.

Cold Brew Chiller Rental Advantages

When you start your company and are collecting the equipment that you will need, a big consideration will be whether you rent or buy your chiller. This is a big part of your operation, and so you want to think through your options.

Renting would allow you to:

  • keep your initial investment small
  • hand maintenance to the experts as the rental company has technicians who can take care of it
  • expand or exchange for another chiller when your business needs change
  • sample chiller types to find the one that works best for your company

How JC Younger Can Help for Cold Brew Chillers

We have years of experience in making chillers for many types of industries. Our large warehouse allows us to customize chillers that match the needs of cold brewed coffee companies, and we make them out of non-specialized parts that meet the ETL- UL 1995 standards. There aren’t any transducers, microprocessors, OEM parts, or hermetic controls so you can replace parts without hassle. This means that our chillers are easy to fix and expand when you need to, and that they are easy to operate. The coffee business is competitive; you don’t want to spend mental energy on your chiller when you need to be out-thinking other companies.

Some other advantages we can offer are:

  • fast delivery, with a chiller shipped shortly after you order
  • 24 hour a day, 7 days a week availability
  • flexible rental agreements that let you use a chiller for weeks, months, or even years
  • total outdoor packages if you want them
  • technicians that can maintain your chiller
  • repairs are included in the package, and troubleshooting can often be done quickly over the phone

Running a cold brew coffee company is rewarding work, but it can be complicated. Fortunately, your chiller does not have to be part of the complication. JC Younger can sell or loan you an industrial-strength chiller that will be customized to your needs.

Contact us if your cold brew coffee company needs chillers.


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