Plastic Manufacturing Industrial Chillers

Plastics chillers are a breed apart. They have to give your finished product a polished look and make them strong enough to do their job. These chillers also handle a material that presents many challenges.

The dedicated plastic product manufacturer therefore needs to get a chiller that fits their process exactly. Here are some suggestions.

Which Plastic Manufacturing Processes Need Chillers

If you use the extrusion method, you will need chillers to keep the pipes your plastics go through the right temperature. This could require long air-cooled chillers with a pre-cooled reservoir.

Companies using the rotational method, where the molds are in the walls of a drum that gets spun quickly, might need a chiller attached to their mold-making machine.

Injection molding chillers are their own entities because cooling takes up to 80 to 95 percent of the cycle time. These chillers have to remove heat introduced from the reciprocating screw and the liquid plastic, and they have to keep your products at a uniform temperature to make sure the product meets quality standards.

Blow molding processes need chillers to avoid deformations in hollow products that come from cooling too quickly or slowly during the drying process. A pre-cooled reservoir and super efficient water-cooled chillers that let you monitor the process closely are particularly helpful.

You need to keep your sheets of plastic the right temperature in thermoforming, since a sheet that gets too hot will deform or thin. You might need a special shape for your chiller for this process.

Why Your Needs Are Unique

Your company has its own process, and that will affect what type of chiller you need.

For instance, an injection mold chiller has to be efficient above all else, and so water-chillers are recommended for their excellent thermal transfer properties. You may also need something for cleaning the cooling baths for your products.

Beyond the process, everyone’s factory has its own quirks. A small space may need to put its heat exchanging tower outside, necessitating an air-cooled chiller. A bigger space with several floors may want to stretch its chiller.

Some processes will need attachments such as towers and exchanger skids, and these have to be attached to the machines somewhere that gives you enough space to walk around it.

If your company is located somewhere cool with a sheltered exterior, you may be able to save money on your utilities by using an outdoor chiller that uses the ambient air for cooling during the winter.

All of this means that you should have a chiller customized to your needs with the help of an expert.

How JCY Can Help

Your company has unique requirements, and our team can help you meet them because:

  • Our chillers can be fully customized for your process and space needs.
  • All our products are made of parts you can easily replace- no microprocessors, OEM parts, transducers or hermetic controls involved.
  • The parts are all ETL-UL 1995 listed.
  • The chillers are easy to maintain.
  • We will loan you chillers for as long as you need them, whether you need a chiller for a week to meet the Christmas rush or if you want to rent a chiller until it has outlived its usefulness.
  • We are available 24/7 for orders.
  • Our technicians can help you troubleshoot over the phone.
  • All of the components can be gotten wholesale.
  • We make our chillers tough enough and reliable enough for industry.
  • Outdoor and indoor models are available, including total outdoor packages.
  • We can ship out a chiller quickly when you rent from us.

If your company makes plastic things and you could use a chiller, contact us.


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