Own A Bakery? You Need A Bakery Chiller!

Working in a storefront is a lot different than working out of your home. It will mean an increase in business as well as pressure to deliver the best quality product. We can help you in providing the best quality bakery products to your customers.
Want to know how successful bakeries are able to perform better than the unsuccessful ones? Read the below guide to know how you can improve your bakery products and retain your customers with our bakery chiller.

If you are looking to start a bakery business beyond what your kitchen, or expand your small business, can do you are going to need a commercial bakery chiller. Working in a bakery is a lot different than working out of your home. It will mean an increase in business, which is great for your bottom line, but you need the correct tools to make it happen. You want all of your delicious baked goods to stay that way and end up in the customer’s hands the same way.

Why A Bakery Chiller?

Cooling your baked goods fast is important to any bakery but there is much more involved than just simply cooling your cakes, bread, or cupcakes. Consistency is crucial for the final end product especially when you are dealing with baked goods. A commercial bakery chiller doesn’t drop in temperature when you place warm baked inside. Instead, it compensates for the heat put out. This means a consistent chill that results in a superior product overall.

Success On A Bigger Scale

Again, it all goes back to consistency. Being able to control the dough rising and the success of your gluten is dealt with on a level that you can’t achieve, even in a commercial refrigerator. A professional-grade baker chiller keeps all your ingredients at the proper temperature with no fluctuations. And you can do all this in one unit. The last thing you want is a chiller failure that ruins an entire day’s or week’s work. Making sure you have the right equipment will prevent that and increase the quality of your finished products.

Can I Afford It?

You may think you cannot afford to purchase a commercial bakery chiller and you may be right. But there is another option that can provide the equipment you need and an affordable price. Renting a bakery chiller from J.C Younger just might be the answer you need.

After all, can you afford to risk losing naked goods and ingredients because you didn’t have the right equipment? It simply isn’t a risk worth taking.

The Benefits Of Renting a Chiller

One of the biggest benefits is the ability to start out with a small unit and upgrade when you need to upgrade. Then there is not having to worry about installation, repairs, and other technical issues. If you need a transformer to handle the electrical output we can provide that as well. We do all that for you so you can do what you do best – BAKE! Our skilled technicians take care of repairs and maintenance.

We also cover damages and supply a replacement chiller if needed while yours is being repaired. Renting a baker chiller is a tax write off as well, typically 100% of the cost. And renting from is cost-effective, we are around 1/3 the cost of our competitor’s prices. There is no reason not to consider renting a bakery chiller to make your life easier.

Peace of Mind

Our company has been servicing the food industry for years and providing a quick response and quality service. Your day is busy with all the demands of running a bakery. You need to be free to bake, create, and meet your customer’s needs. You want peace of mind in knowing the chiller company you are partnering with will provide what you need when you need it.

At J.C. Younger we want to provide just that peace of mind. Our customer service is second to none. Call us today and let us help your bakery business achieve the success you are dreaming of by providing quality baked goods without worry.


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