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History Behind J.C Younger: Design and Fabrication of Chillers

The team at J.C. Younger (JCY) has become the expert manufacturer and remanufacturer of industrial chillers for a multitude of applications. Since our inception in 1956, we have the experience, knowledge, and highly trained skills to custom design and fabricate quality brewery chillers for the brewery industry.

History Behind Beer: Recipes Recorded by the Egyptians

No wonder beer is a favorite beverage of people around the world. It has become perfected for centuries. An interesting and informative blog is found on Heartland Brewery. “History of Beer” dates the beginning of beer back to the Egyptians. Reportedly, “beer is the oldest recorded recipe in the world,” with its process being found to date back to “around 5,000 B.C.”

Another possibility is that that beer has a history that goes back to 10,000 B.C. If the residue found in bowls was actually a beer-like beverage, beer was enjoyed many years before first noted. Or, it was just fermented porridge.

The Middle Ages saw an important use for beer. With water contamination being a life-threatening issue, beer was the preferred beverage of choice. The monks of this time period are attributed for beginning the perfection of beer.

It was their innovative processes that included “the introduction of hops, the idea of lagering, and cold storing” which helped to improve the beverage’s flavor. Interesting to know that “Belgian monasteries” are known for their breweries to this day. As we know, beer made its way into many countries, and it eventually arrived in America.

History of Beer in America and the Chilling Process

As the Heartland Brewery blog reports, beer came to America with the first European settlers. Interesting to know that the Pilgrims decided to land because they were out of beer. The first structure was their brewery!

In another article found on 52 Brews, you will discover the Europeans were not the first people to enjoy a beer in America. “The History of Beer in America,” reports that Native Americans also had their own recipe. It was the Europeans who truly moved the processing of beer to an “industrial demeanor.”

When you look at this interesting timeline of beer in America that began in 1587, beer was enjoyed warm. The introduction of lager beer in 1840 excited beer drinkers with “this type of bottom-fermented, cool conditioned beer.”

When was it that a chilling process was introduced to the making of beer? Found on Wikipedia, “Brewery,” “Carl von Linde along with others, is credited with developing the refrigeration machine in 1871.” Thanks to Willis Carrier, the first industrial size chiller was introduced in 1922 that has extended to a multitude of industrial applications.

A Future with a Dependable & User-Friendly Brewery Chiller

J.C. Younger has the experience and expertly skilled technicians to build brewery chillers specifically for the brewery industry. No matter your need, microbrewery to a brewpub, or regional to large breweries, we will custom design and fabricate exactly the brewing chiller that works for your beer brewing process. Our glycol brewery chillers can be designed to work indoors or outside.

No matter the size or configuration, we can design the perfect brewery chillers to work in the space you need to use. We make our chiller systems user-friendly so that any knowledgeable technician can fix them. There are NO specialty parts. We know our chillers from start to finish. There are many times we can troubleshoot over the phone to get you back up and running.

The entire team at J.C. Younger offers you the customer service you deserve with our 24/7 support. You also get the JCY Advantage and Financing help if you should need it. Shipping is never a problem with our experienced and reliable shipping service we have used for years.

We make every process as easy as possible to deliver you the best brewery chillers and customer service in the industry. Call us with your questions, and we’ll get you up and running sooner than you can imagine. Your business is always appreciated.


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