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Best Selection of Brewery Glycol Chillers – In Stock & Ready To Ship

American Made Glycol Beer Chillers

JC Younger offers the largest selection of reconditioned chillers and used glycol chillers in the Midwest. We specialize in producing brewery glycol chillers specifically for the brewery industry. Our team of specialists can also help you design and fabricate a custom brewhouse chiller to meet your craft brewing needs. Since 2006, we have been assisting companies like Lupulin Brewing with their glycol beer chiller needs.

We exclusively sell made in USA industrial chillers. Our family-owned business has been operating in Saint Louis Park, MN since 1956. We believe in the quality of American engineering and we take our role very seriously in offering dependable, long-lasting, industrial chillers for brewing companies. All of our remanufactured chillers are built with non-OEM parts to allow our craft brewers the most amount of ease when replacing parts in their glycol systems.

We can also custom design and fabricate brewing chillers to meet your brewery chiller needs. We have solutions for the microbrewery to the brewpub from regional to large breweries. We have indoor glycol chillers and outdoor glycol chillers available. Our glycol chillers can also be used in wineries, cider mills and distilleries.

We have reconditioned chillers ready to chill, call us today for the best price. We also have solutions for start-up breweries and also install temporary chillers to keep your brewery running. Even if you have or are considering purchasing a brewery chiller from another vendor, we can provide a full review and inspection on your new or used chiller.

Indoor Glycol Chillers In-Stock

We have a wide selection of in-stock indoor chillers for those who need them. Check out our website to see all that we offer, including the latest models and colors available today – just click here.

Outdoor Glycol Chillers In-Stock

Indoor Glycol Chiller In-Stock Ready to Ship

If you need a commercial glycol chiller, don’t hesitate to reach out. We love providing our brewery clients with high-quality industrial chillers that will last no matter what conditions there are in your outdoor area! Our selection of outdoor brewery chillers has something for everyone and we’re confident your beer will taste as good on ice-cold days or warm summer evenings thanks again from all at JC Younger Incorporated. View our selection here.

JC Younger Industrial Chiller Specialists

Our team of brewery chiller specialists has been working together to provide the best customer service in the brewery industry since late 2005. JC Younger’s team is led by Sandy Younger. When consulting on your brewery glycol system, the JC Younger team will assist in helping you determine the proper brewery chiller system size, and build in the option to increase the size of your glycol beer line chiller as your cooling needs grow. Whether you are a small brewery or an established craft brewer, the JCY team can assist you in record time!

The JCY team can consult on all of your brewery chiller issues, needs, and recommendations. They are well known across the country for providing excellent customer service and having a wealth of knowledge in the craft brewery industry. We have around a dozen brewery glycol chiller rental units designed to go into operation at your brewery.

JC Younger Company Can Help Your Brewery Grow

Our JCY 5 HP chiller systems are designed to assist your brewery’s future expansion. As your needs grow, we are able to assist you in additional temperature control for your glycol lines. You can either add an additional glycol system to go along with your original system or add a larger chiller to replace your initial system. When you add an additional system to run in tandem with your original system, you avoid product loss and/or extra downtime.

The JCY Advantage

Most JCY glycol chillers are built with semi-hermetic compressors, two pumps, and wired conventionally so that any field technician will be able to find, fix and get your chiller system up and running if repairs are needed. We don’t build our chillers with any specialty parts, and all of our chillers are USA Made, and ETL Listed and inspected.

JCY’s client list includes brewhouses with glycol chiller systems that range from small 5 BBL breweries to 15,000 barrels of beer, all the way up to 35,000 barrels of beer-sized breweries.

Our glycol chillers are also great applications for people starting their own breweries, wineries, cider mills and distilleries.

You can find JCY at most beer events in the Midwest (USA), and touring as many breweries as possible in the Midwest region.

Brewery Chiller Sizing

chiller chart

DISCLAIMER: The chart above is only provided for guidance. Your tank may vary depending on various factors including, but not limited to, insulated tanks, piping, insulated pipes, how it’s piped, size of beer lines and flows (gallons per minute). Contact JC Youngerto to discuss your needs today at 612-250-5397.


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