Can Your Glycol Chiller Cool a Space? The Answer May Surprise You!

If you work in an industry where it is temperature control is important– such as brewing– chances are good that you are familiar with glycol chillers. Glycol chillers are what help you to cool your materials during processing and keep them at a consistent temperature. When you have any equipment, it is smart to take into consideration any other potential applications that equipment might have in the event that the need should ever arise. It is also wise to know all potential uses for your equipment to ensure that you are getting the full use out of your equipment rather that having to buy new equipment for each task rather than killing two birds with one stone. In the case of a glycol chiller, one question that is often asked is: can my glycol chiller cool a space?

The short answer is yes. The full answer requires a little more explanation.

First of all, a glycol chiller uses glycol to cool things in the way that a refrigerator keeps your food cool. Glycol is basically an antifreeze. There are two main types of glycol used in the cooling industry. Ethylene glycol is what your car uses as an antifreeze. Propylene glycol is the other kind and is non-toxic.

Glycol chillers have a wide variety of applications ranging from bakeries, where dough must be kept at a precise temperature to keep it from rising to fast and over-proofing, to storing medications in a pharmacy to brewing and manufacturing. When acquiring a glycol chiller, a business should consider their needs carefully, not just their present needs but future needs as well. If they plan on expanding or expect robust growth within the next couple of years, then acquiring a larger chiller than their current needs call for may be a wise investment. Sizing your chiller appropriately should enable you to meet your businesses cooling needs for a long time to come.

In the example of a brewery, the brewer may wish to have a cold room for storing his product. A fan coil can be installed in the space to help control the temperature. If the system that the brewer already has for cooling his product during the production process is large enough to carry the load, then the fan coil placed in the cold room can draw from the existing glycol header. If not he may need to get a second system or a larger one.

If the brewer rented his glycol chiller, upgrading, adding to or replacing the existing chiller is a simple process. He can simply contact his rental agent and consult with the agent about his expanding needs to decide what option would best meet those needs. The rental agent can exchange one chiller for a larger unit or bring in an additional unit if that is what is best. The renal agent should also be consulted about placing an additional load on an existing unit.

If the brewer owns the glycol chiller and it does not have a sufficient capacity to meet his needs, he may have to purchase additional equipment or rent the additional equipment that he needs. In either scenario, the brewer should definitely consult with a professional before making any decisions about how to best expand the cooling for his operation.

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