Canabis Extraction Chillers


The hemp, cannabis, and CBD/THC industry is taking off.  With so many states relaxing laws governing and demonizing cannabis cultivation and production, many people are finally getting to enjoy the health benefits cannabis offers.  In a world where the mom and pop shop days of starting your own business are just about over, with chains and franchises pushing out honest, hard working citizens, the cannabis market is quickly becoming the final frontier for small business entrepreneurship.

The right tools for the job

But along with starting a business comes the infrastructure.  Not long ago, it was difficult to find equipment that was specific to the tasks at hand when it came to cannabis production and CBD extraction.  In many cases, the industry standard was taking an existing piece of equipment and re-purposing it for use with cannabis.  Though effective, these conditions weren’t exactly ideal.  With a broad spectrum of use, it was often hard to meet the standards of quality and specifics related to the somewhat delicate nature of CBD/THC oils.

Rather than relying on home-grown equipment, efficient and effective equipment is required to maintain the quality of CBD and THC oils.  Oils can go rancid and break down without proper preservation.  Re-outfitting a refrigerator or alcohol chiller might have worked for your competitors for a while, but you shouldn’t need to have an engineering degree or be a master of tinkering to produce and retain a quality product.  Heat is a destructive element when oils are concerned.  Even with something as innocent as body temperature, oils begin to degrade, with heat breaking down the bonds that hold together the lipids in an oil compound.

If temperatures are kept extremely low and at a constant, you can ensure the absolute best product without the corrupting properties heat has on natural oils.  In fact, supercritical CO2 extraction techniques are extremely valued because the method is able to separate the natural oils of the plant from the materiel without fracturing the lipids.  CBD and THC are retained, without loss of terpenes and reduction of the concentration of the active molecules of the oils.

Removing heat from the process in not only extraction, but also storage, ensures a quality product with consistent concentrations.   When you have a consistently high-quality product, you will be able to edge out the competition and deliver only the best results to your customers.  All the way down to temps of -40 degrees of consistent chilling conditions, you can rest assured that your extracted oils are getting the best treatment to yield the best results.

The J.C. Younger Difference

J.C. Younger offers the tried and true technology specific to the needs of cooling your oil to low temperatures and keeping it there.   We have been an industry standard for over six decades.  We offer exceptional standards when it comes to re-manufactured as well as new chiller manufacturing and rentals.

Not only do we have a diverse knowledge of chillers and how they are implemented and operate in large and small scale applications, from breweries to foundries, we have a comprehensive understanding of just how to outfit your grow-house operation with the best chiller for your needs as well as your production output. Our knowledge and experience is like a wealth of knowledge you can pick through when it comes to the best application of a CBD/THC production chiller.

Contact J.C. Younger to find out how you can make a world of difference by incorporating chillers into your cannabis, hemp, and CBD/THC extraction.  With rental, purchases, and custom manufacturing available for all of your production needs, J.C. Younger is a company you can trust with your growing business.



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