Custom Built Chillers For Your Cannabis Business

cannabis chillers

Why Custom Build a Cannabis Chiller?

Anyone entering the cannabis business is already dealing with a lot of new equipment, so it might be tempting to ask for a standard chiller for your company. However, your company might find it better to get a custom-built rental chiller instead.

Every company is unique. There is a wide range of products you could be making, and each product has its own subset of varieties. Every flavor will need a new twist on your chiller.

How much volume you need to get out of the chiller varies. Small operations shouldn’t be shelling out for something that is too big, and folks dealing in big bulk orders can’t be messing around with machines that are too small.

Then there is the need to fit it in your building. Some people’s operations are in spacious warehouses that can hold big, heat-radiating chillers. Others have a corner room in a sublet space, and they have keep their chiller compact. This is especially true in places that are changing the rules about selling cannabis as you might have recently changed where you are set up.

All this means that no chiller is one-size fits all, especially in the cannabis industry.

What Kinds Of Customizations Might You Need?

You can have different types of condensers, depending on if you can put a cooling tower on your building or if you want to keep a water-cooled chiller in your main room. There are vertical and horizontal dischargers, depending on your space requirements. Chillers can also be made to take advantage of the winter temperatures for the cost and energy savings.

Different types of reservoirs and pumps can be included in your chiller so that some of your chillers can be pre-cooled by using an extra reservoir. If you suspect that your chilling needs will fluctuate, some chiller packages can come designed to be added on to when you have to process a lot more than normal.

Since you don’t want to crowd out your growing operation, you will want to consider whether you will have indoor or outdoor chiller units. Getting an outdoors chiller, where the tower and condenser are on the roof or in the back, can free up room for your plants. On the other hand, you might to keep it all as close to each other as possible to cut down on labor requirements. It depends on your needs.

You might need more horsepower. Some chillers come in 1.5 HP and others come in 10 HP. Again, it depends on how much you have to process at once and you should talk to experts before deciding.

Where JCY Comes In When It Comes To Cannabis Chillers

JC Younger has been helping entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams by creating chillers that fit their companies for decades now. The cannabis industry may be new, but we are ready to accommodate its needs too. This is why we:

  • Provide total outdoor packages for companies that have to save space or operate outside.
  • Offer rental packages that include towers and other matching pieces
  • Make our chillers with pieces that can be gotten wholesale and meet ETL-UL 1999 specifications, thus making our chillers easy to expand on and fix
  • Avoid OEMs and other specialized parts so that anyone can troubleshoot them and any technician can fiddle with them for the perfect fit
  • Can take your orders every day, all day. No downtime for your busy company.
  • Include maintenance in our packages. You don’t have to take time away from your work to keep your chiller in peak condition.
  • Allow rent-to-own deals and rent our chillers out for as long as you need them

Above all, we customize all our rentals to match the needs of our customers.  If your cannabis operations are in need of a chiller fitted to your particular product, contact us. We are eager to help.


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