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Benefit Your Business with a Cannabis Chiller Rental

If you’re new to the cannabis business, you are probably dealing with various new equipment, and thinking of getting new cannabis chillers only adds to the hassle. Your company has a wide range of products that you’re making, and every product in your catalog has its varieties.

Therefore, every flavor will need a new twist, and the volume you get out of a chiller may vary. Your business may consequently benefit more from renting a cannabis chiller than buying one.

Factors to consider when renting cannabis chillers

Before you dive into the factors that you need to consider when renting cannabis chillers, there are two main categories you should know about, portable chillers and central chillers. To make an optimal decision for your cannabis cooling needs, you should understand that each class has its features and advantages. However, the following are some of the general factors you should consider when renting chillers.

1. Available floor space

When looking to rent a chiller, you should consider the floor space available to accommodate the chiller on the floor. Always ensure that your processing area has no equipment clutter. The space available should help you decide the cannabis chiller size.

If you have a much bigger processing space, a portable chiller is ideal for you. However, if the available room is less, you may need to get a central chiller. Ideally, you should have a relatively bigger room that can accommodate other machines along with your cannabis chillers.

2. Noise produced

Noise levels are one of the crucial determinants that you should consider when renting a chiller. Most cooling units are located close to events or other factories where most people work. If you’re shopping for a chiller, you should pick one that reduces the noise or go for one that can be installed outside depending on your needs.

3. Performance and accuracy

Accuracy and efficiency are also key things to consider when renting a chiller. Portable chillers are a popular pick when it comes to efficiency and performance. This is because they can work at different temperature levels in specific spaces. They are flexible, customizable, and variable making them the best option for temperature control and performance.

On the other hand, central chillers are great if you’re looking for uniform cooling. These chillers only operate at one temperature for one floor. However, if you want precision in cooling, central chillers aren’t the best option to go for. Always check the setting before settling on one type of chiller rental.

4. Cost of the machine

Chiller costs vary based on their sizes, features, labels, efficacy, and flexibility. Portable chillers are costlier than central chillers. If you’re looking for flexibility, then a portable chiller is the best alternative, but if you’re looking for a fixed machine, then the central chiller is the go-to option.

As a cannabis business, the cooling aspect is a very pivotal one for ensuring that you meet every one of your clients’ cannabis needs. The chiller you choose plays a significant role in performance, efficiency, and production quality. Therefore, you need to get it right when selecting a rental chiller. Hopefully, the above tips will help you rent the best chiller for your cooling needs.

We’ve got you covered

If you’re looking for high-standard cannabis chiller rentals, you should consider giving us a call. At J.C Younger, we understand the need for top-quality cannabis chiller equipment. We design large industrial chilling equipment for the CBD industry. Our chillers operate optimally all-year-round, have a tight temperature control and a high uptime rate to keep your equipment running.

We also have air- and water-cooled chilling equipment for all your cooling needs. Additionally, we offer several customizable options for your cannabis chillier rentals that are top of the line. Give us a call today to learn more about the best chilling deals.


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