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How are Chillers Used in the CO2 Marijuana Extraction Process?

Everyone knows that something happens to marijuana when it is heated up. However, few understand how important and chemistry-related that temperature reaction really is. As marijuana becomes legal across an increasing number of states, the science behind refining it into concentrated vapable substances is coming to light. Not only is it legal for marijuana chemists […]

Important Chillers in the Marijuana Oil Extraction Process

The Chemistry Component Marijuana oil (CBD oil) is becoming more popular with its medicinal purposes. The more concentrated, the “higher amounts of cannabinoids in smaller, more discreet packages,” as reported by GEN. To attain quality marijuana oil, “specialized chemistry and engineering skills” are necessary. “Plant extractions involve grinding up the organic material and bathing it in […]

Canabis Extraction Chillers

CANNABIS & CBD CHILLERS The hemp, cannabis, and CBD/THC industry is taking off.  With so many states relaxing laws governing and demonizing cannabis cultivation and production, many people are finally getting to enjoy the health benefits cannabis offers.  In a world where the mom and pop shop days of starting your own business are just […]

Precision Chillers For CBD Oil Extraction at J.C. Younger

CBD: What is it and what does research show? Research is revealing the health benefits of CBD oil, but what exactly is it? As found on Healthline, “Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the 104 chemical compounds known as cannabinoids found in the cannabis or marijuana plant, Cannabis sativa.” As opposed to another chemical compound, THC, found […]


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