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Is It Time For A Little Chiller Maintenance?

Chillers are a big investment, so it is understandable that many people are leery of spending much on maintaining them. It can also feel like a hassle over a machine that seems to be doing its job in the background forever, no matter how well it does. However, maintaining your chiller rewards you many times […]

Choosing the Right Technician For Your Chiller Maintenance

  Industrial Chiller Specialists – Rentals, Sales and Repairs Many businesses rely on chillers for the storage of their perishable goods. While the equipment is usually reliable, maintaining them can be overwhelming because of their numerous demands. To avoid the demanding task of chiller maintenance, you should enlist the services of a trusted technician. AtĀ J.C […]

JC Younger Tips on Chiller Preventive Maintenance and More

Keep Your Chiller System Working Efficiently Chillers are a major investment, and they must work with precision. At JC Younger (JCY), we have decades of experience in manufacturing and remanufacturing chillers. To keep your chiller system efficiently working,Ā routine chiller preventive maintenanceĀ (PM) is the best way to safeguard against costly repairs. Routine chiller maintenance keep energy […]

What Temperature Should I Set My Chiller To?

When your final product depends upon consistent chiller temperature settings, it’s vital to know what the temperature setting should be to get the job done. The question is: What is the right temperature for a chiller? The answer will vary between industries and products. At J.C. Younger, we have decades of experience and knowledge manufacturing […]

Routine Chiller Maintenance Can Save You Money

The latest chiller’s in use today have diagnostic technology integrated into their design. When something goes wrong an alarm code will often not only alert you to the situation, but, if you understand your chiller’s code, you may even know how to resolve the problem and avoid having to place a call to a repairman. […]


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