Category: Dairy Farm Chillers

Dairy Farming: Before and After Chillers

Helping Us All Stay in the Know At J.C. Younger (JCY), it is not only about manufacturing and remanufacturing the best chillers in the industry. It is also about staying up on the latest innovations that can improve what we do for our customers. At other times like now, it is just fun to revisit […]

Does Your Feed Mill Need To Rent A Chiller?

Running a feed mill is a delicate balance between supply and demand, science and art, love and labor. Between making the mash and packing the final pellets in their bags, a feed mill owner can use all the help he or she can get. Fortunately, renting a chiller can help you achieve the high quality […]

The Role of Milk Processing/Dairy Farm Chillers

Processing milk requires pasteurization, a technique that destroys pathogens in milk and makes it safe to drink. Pasteurization necessitates the use of milk processing/dairy farm chillers to cool down the milk after the heating-up process. If you run a dairy farm, you’ll want to make sure to buy or rent a chiller that suits your needs well. […]


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