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What Is The Difference Between AHU And FCU?

The world of commercial and industrial chillers is full of parts and devices, and it is always helpful to know what they are. Here at J.C Younger, we believe in keeping customers informed of everything one might need to know, so we bring you this post, which will cover two terms that may crop up […]

Keep Your Chiller System Efficiently Operating

J.C. Younger, The Manufacturers of Maintenance-Friendly Chillers Since 1956, the team at J.C. Younger (JCY) has been manufacturing and remanufacturing light commercial and industrial package chillers for every temperature-controlled application. All of our chillers, rentals and sales, are built to be customer-friendly. Not only do we build our chillers to be operationally-friendly, but we also […]

J.C. Younger: The Chiller Manufacturer to Trust in the U.S.A

Let J.C. Younger Help When You Need a Company to Trust With decades of experience in chiller manufacturing and remanufacturing, J. C. Younger (JCY) offers expert experience and knowledge for almost every chiller application need. Chiller Preventive Maintenance: CRITICAL Chiller maintenance is critical to keeping your operations running cool. Don’t let your cooling system come to […]

It’s 2019 and Time for a Brewery Chiller Recap

Years of Experience with Breweries The team at J.C. Younger Company (JCY) has years of experience in many types of chillers. Since our inception in 1956, we have the educated and skilled technicians to expertly advise anyone looking to get into the brewery business when it comes to chiller needs. If you are thinking about […]

2019: A Significant Year for Distilleries

What Happened 100 Years Ago? There is nothing like spicing up the chiller industry with interesting and relevant history. Many young adults cannot imagine life without color TV, cell phones and the celebrations that include beer, wine, and liquors. A lot has happened in the last 100 years. For anyone in the distilling craft, January […]

Is It Time to Plan for a New Industrial Chiller System?

Life of Industrial Chillers Varies Among the Types For anyone who is a novice when it comes to chiller systems, there is a lot of information that can be overwhelming. Just looking at the type and age of your chiller system is a good place to start as found on When temperatures are cool or […]

Your Options When Winter Months Cause Chiller Concerns

Winter Has Arrived; J.C. Younger is Here to Help! As we have seen this year, winter blasted in with wild temperature swings. For those chillers that aren’t prepared for freezing temperatures, you may experience shutdown below certain temperatures. No matter your troubles, the team at J.C. Younger are here for you. We work with companies […]


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