Chiller Lifespans: Type and Preventive Maintenance are Key Factors

Chiller Types and Expected Lifespans

An excellent guide for the different chiller types and their recommended applications is found on The Engineering As the article points out, “if you have a building with a medium to large cooling load then it’s recommended that you do not use only one oversized chiller to handle the entire cooling load.” You could be left without any means of cooling.

Not all chillers are alike, and the type of chiller determines the expected lifespan, as found on Facilitiesnet. Without proper and routine maintenance, the lifespan can be shorter than expected. And, “the unit’s loading and run-time hours” can also have an impact on the expected lifespan of a chiller.

For some chillers, such as “small scroll chillers, 3-7 years” is approximately the maximum length of time you can expect. If properly maintained, screw chillers and water-cooled centrifugal chillers should last for “15-20 years” and “more than a 25-year,” respectively. The more prevention you do, the more efficient your chiller system will run. We JCY bulid form light duty chiller systems to very brust chiller systems that have been know to last more than 40+ years.

Repairs and Expense: More Signs of a Chiller’s Efficiency

As pointed out, routine maintenance is imperative to get the most return out of your investment. Consider the cost of repairs in relation to the chiller’s “expected remaining useful life.”

A definite sign a chiller is nearing its lifespan is “when a chiller requires more frequent repairs or cannot meet demands for capacity or supply-water temperature.” If you have an outdated or inefficiently running chiller system, it may be more cost-effective to replace your system, and that takes planning.

Planning is Part of Chiller Replacement

When it’s time to replace your chiller system, planning is essential to avoid downtime. You may also realize cost savings on the advancements that are available today. An excellent and most recent review is found on the Consulting-Specifying Engineer.

  • “Demand”
  • “Capacity”
  • “Site Characteristics and Service Requirements”
  • “Life Cycle Costs”
  • “Configuration”

Rentals Can Make a Smooth Transition

Rentals give customers a great way to keep their business process efficiently operating. They also give customers a way to test out a different type of system that may deliver more efficiency and cost savings. J C Younger Company, INC. rental chiller systems are built toughest on the market to last many years for not only one job site buy many. This gives the rental customer a chance to be more step ahead of the average chiller owner/renter, and have little to no thoughts on whats keeping there process cool.

J.C. Younger High-Quality and User-Friendly Chillers Make A Difference

At J.C. Younger (JCY), we have decades of dedication, knowledge, and skill that goes into each and every one of our manufactured and remanufactured chillers. It is our mission to deliver the highest quality and most user-friendly chillers in the industry. The entire country is our market because we know that we deliver chillers that are dependable with routine monitoring and preventive maintenance.

Quality is Everything

Quality is our first concern. We never use specialized or OEM components, and we offer all of our components at the wholesale level. Our customers get all the advantages we know they need to feel confident they are making the right decision when they become a JCY customer.

User-Friendly Equates to Easier Monitoring

All of our chillers, whether built from the ground up or remanufactured, are built to offer our customer the most user-friendly chillers in the industry. We want our customers to be able to monitor their units to keep them efficiently running.

An Inventory of Rental Units

We have dedicated and user-friendly rental units to give our customers peace of mind that we can quickly get a chiller customized and out the door. Whether you need a single week or a long-term R & D cooling solution, we can quickly customize one and get them out the door to you.

Quality and User-Friendly Support: 24/7, 365 Days/Year

We know our chillers, and we have built them with the confidence to know that many problems can be handled over the phone. When more attention is needed, we have a countrywide network of highly-skilled technicians.

Always Ready to Talk Chillers

If you’re chiller system is beginning to show age-related problems, call our team. We’re here to help you plan for the transition to a new chiller system. We know it’s a major investment, and it is always an honor to tell you all the exceptional qualities of our JCY chillers and the JCY team.

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