Chiller Maintenance Reminder: Winter is Perfect for Annual Maintenance

Reminder: Set a Date for Chiller Maintenance

Fall is about to set in to usher in the winter months. For some industrial plants, chillers are shut down during the winter months making this a perfect time for thorough preventive maintenance. When you take the time to have your chiller system regularly maintained, you will be saving yourself from downtime and headaches when the heat returns. There could be minor issues that a highly-skilled technician will be able to see what may need attention.

Invest in Annual Maintenance by a Skilled Technician

One major issue for chiller efficiency is the scale or other sediments. This buildup can have a profound effect on the efficiency of your chiller system. As found on Facility Executive, “As Winter Approaches, Don’t Skip Chiller Maintenance” (2017, November 30), “the U.S. Department of Energy estimates chillers are expending up to an additional 30% in energy through inefficiencies.”

When you don’t have someone in-house who has the training to perform thorough maintenance on your chiller, spending extra money for a certified technician will pay off in the long run. You want someone who knows exactly what to do, how to do it and the tools needed to perform the task.

As the article points out, having the right cleaning equipment is the first step for sure. You also need a rotary tube cleaner, chemical descaler, and brushes. Knowing what brushes and chemical to use for the buildup you have is also important.

Routine Monitoring is Vital for a Chiller to Run Efficiently

Chillers are major investments. Take time to make sure your investment is working efficiently all year long. As with any type of electrical and mechanical equipment, chillers need regular attention.

  • Keep a daily log of the “key operating parameters.”
  • Regularly check for scaling, fouling or tube corrosion.
  • Regularly check for leaks, especially leaking refrigerant.
  • Remain proper water treatment to avoid fouling and scaling.
  • Regularly check and analyze the refrigerant and oil.
  • If you have a cooling tower, check for algae growth, hard scale deposits or calcium fouling. Regular maintenance will deter build up of outside influences that can cause bacteria.

Calculating for Chiller System Efficiency

You want to keep your chiller system running efficiently. Understanding how to calculate the efficiency of your chillers can be found on The Engineering, “Chiller Efficiency How to calculate” by Evans, P. (2017, July 22).

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