Chiller Restoration, Failures & Chiller Rentals in 2021

In 2021, the prices of chiller will be increasing with that being said you could take your worn out chiller send it us. We will go through it, and bring new life to for less money it would cost for a new one. In the mean time we could send you a rental chiller to fill in while we do the fixes to your current chiller.

JC Younger will give you the best options, if your chiller is a good candidate to be recondition. The fast turn around time will make sure you aren’t loosing valuable time. Call us today to discus many options we can give, also call before the end of the year to avoid the increases in prices.

Chiller mechanical failure’s

Here is one example we have seen in the beverage world that all breweries will go through:

  • The chiller breaks down, owner or head brewer goes into panic mode and calls local Refrigeration or HVAC repair company to come out and repair chiller (so beer temperatures don’t get out of control and beer flavoring or loss occurs). Unfortunately it’s a hot day so the repair company is book out several days or weeks.
  • Refrigeration or HVAC repair company finds you need parts that are no longer available, so a major chiller overhaul is needed to get system back up and running. This can range on down time of several hours if lucky to many weeks.
  • Refrigeration or HVAC repair company finds your chiller is non repairable. This now means you frantically try to find anything available in the used or new market, and hope it shows up in a timely matter or is able to perform at right cooling temperatures and flow requirements you have.

Now the scary thought of having to dump some or all of your goes though your mind. The question your asking yourself now is “Why didn’t I have a back up chiller, as to avoid this issue?).

The solution we here at JCY can offer is a standby/back up chiller.

The cost for this option can range, and depending on selected size unit: could be as low as $50.00 a month. This is a small cost for piece of mind, preventable stress, as well as protection for chiller mechanical failures.

For more information or to get the process started for you to see what back up JCY chiller options are: please contact / urgent cell 612-250-5397

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Sam graduated from Dunwoody College with a degree in HVAC Service, and started out working in the resident side of work. After many years in the residential side of work, Sam took a chance back in 2018 to work in the commercial side of hvac with Jc younger. Since started working with them, Sam has been streamlining Jc younger to make the service side quicker at getting customer back to cooling right away. He always puts the customer needs first, giving them great customer service, and getting them back cooling right away. When Sam is not at work he enjoys hitting up breweries around the area, going up to the cabin, and doing remodeling projects. He also enjoys going out to lake of the woods for some good walleye fishing.In his free time he enjoys taking his grandmother out for meals, fishing and spending time with girlfriend and dog Sara.



Sandy has been in the background of JCY since a baby, growing up playing on chiller systems in the large 12,000SQFT pole shed JCY stores units in. Sandy started working at a young age doing simple tasks like sweeping, painting, organizing Copper fittings and other small tasks. In 2005 Sandy started his 4 year degree at Dunwoody College and graduated in 2007.

During his schooling their he also started his apprenticeship under his fathers supervision. The training consisted of installs of glycol piping in the field, building first chiller and assisting with Chiller service repairs. In 2006 he started learning the in and outs of breweries, and has been JCY’s brewery specialist since then. A challenge he took on was glycol piping a 30 bbl brewery by him self and completed that task in less than 20 day with 16 hour shifts.
In his free time he enjoys taking his grandmother out for meals, fishing and spending time with girlfriend and dog Sara.