Chillers Will be Instrumental in Plant-Based Meat Production

According to Good Food Institute, the sale of plant-based meats grew over 23%, exceeding $760 million last year.”  We can help businesses in increasing their plant-based meat production. 
Want to know how big plant-based meat production companies are taking advantage of this growing demand? Read the following detailed guide to know how chillers for plant based meat production can enhance your production.


What’s Happening in the World of Protein Consumption?

Whether you’re keeping up with advancements or not, 2019 appears to be a pivotal year in many industries. As found on Forbes, it looks like this year may “be a turning point” in the production of plant-based and cultured meats.

As of the end of 2018, “according to the Good Food Institute, an organization that closely watches these industries, sale of plant-based meats grew over 23%, exceeding $760 million.”

This year could be the year that partnerships evolve to integrate “plant-based and cultured meat companies” together. Also, you will be seeing a multitude of meat-producing companies begin trending with plant-based products on their shelf spaces.

In place of knowing meat-producing companies as thus, they are “rebranding” themselves as “protein companies.” Look for grocery stores to add more plant-based meat products in the next two years.

Why Plant-Based Meat Production is Important?

The Good Food Institute, as mentioned in the Forbes article above, has an excellent review of the anticipated, plant-based meat production. Why is it important and why is there so much excitement surrounding it? If you have time, watch the video.

What is Fueling Plant-Based Meat Production?

It is all about the projected global inhabitants by 2050, and the current levels of meat consumption. Our protein supplying animals will not be able to supply enough protein to feed “10 billion people by 2050.” The calories it takes to feed and sustain the animals is far greater than one calorie each animal can produce.

Plant-Based Meats and the Processes to Produce

By cutting out the animal, and using those foods “derived from a plant or fungus” that are fed to them, plant-based meats are being “designed to replace animal-based meat either as a stand-alone or in a recipe.”

As this article reports, to produce plant-based meats, they have defined “four basic technology areas.”

  • “Crop Analysis & Optimization”
  • “Raw Material Sourcing & Optimization”
  • “Composition Process & Optimization”
  • “Distribution”

The Role of Chillers for Plant Based Meat Production

It’s in the second “basic technology area,” raw material sourcing, where chillers for plant based meat will play an instrumental part of “isolating and functionalizing ingredients.” By extracting the “proteins, oils, and starches,” from a variety of applicable crops, the basics of plant based meats will be created.

As in the growing trend of cannabis cultivation, chillers are used in all types of plant cultivation. Hydroponics may become an integral part of plant cultivation for plant-based meats, especially when keeping pests and animals from destroying delicate plant crops.

Chillers for plant based meat will also be vital in the third “basic technology area,” composition processing for temperature control to retain freshness and taste.

J.C. Younger: Quality Chillers to Grow and Process Plant-Based Meats

At J.C. Younger, we are readying ourselves for the growing market of chillers for plant based meat. We have been manufacturing and remanufacturing chillers since 1956, and we are always committed to growing our business with consumer demands.

Our 40,000 square-foot facility in Minneapolis, Minnesota, services industries all across the United States. How do we do this?

  • First, our expertise builds the most user-friendly chillers for plant based meat you will find across the country.
  • Second, we never use specialty or OEM components.
  • Third, we custom-design to our customer’s specific application.
  • Fourth, we can usually troubleshoot problems over the phone, because we know our chillers.
  • Fifth, we have a committed and expert network of chiller technicians that help take care of our customers when needed.
  • Sixth, we are available 24/7, 365 days per year. You are never waiting until the next day.
  • Seventh, we have built reliable, financial partnerships to offer our customers financing options.
  • Eighth, we have designated rental units for any emergencies.
  • Ninth, no microprocessors, transducers, or hermetic controls utilized.
  • Tenth, our entire staff is dedicated and always happy to help our customers.

At J.C. Younger, your success is our success. Building the highest-quality chillers is what we love to do. Whatever your chillers for plant based meat needs may be, we are here to answer all your questions and address any concerns.

Thank you for taking the time to know more about the design and build of J.C. Younger chillers  and chillers for plant based meat contact us today..

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