Chillers for The Chemical Industry

Whether you are handling, processing, or storing chemicals there is a constant need in maintaining certain temperatures. If your facility is responsible for any, or all of these aspects of creating a temperature specific environment for your product or processes, you need an industry specific chemical chiller for your facility.

A chemical chiller can optimize your operation from the laboratory itself, to the ideal temperature for the chilled water within your laboratory for injections, solutions, and culture media just to name a few aspects.

The market conditions for chemical operations and environmental regulations are constantly placing higher demands on temperature conditions to improve certain technologies and maintain higher overall standards. The best way to ensure that your demands are met to those exacting standards is to implement an industry specific chemical chiller to your current array of operations.

When you introduce chemical chillers to your operation, you are effectively making large gains on such specifics as;

  • Added layer of protection to temperature critical materials
  • Ensuring constant temperature control in harsh environments
  • Effectively increasing your operational output
  • Valuable asset in saving both time and money

Now, let’s take a look at how chemical chillers work.

What is a Chemical Chiller, and How Does It Work?

A chemical chiller operates much the same as any other specific chiller. It removes unwanted heat from materials being stored, and the process by which those materials are then manufactured. A chemical chiller protects all of these assets to ensure a quality manufactured product on a consistent basis. A properly chilled chemical could be the difference between a quality product, and damaged products.

When chemicals are allowed to heat and even overheat, chemical changes can be produced faster. When you effectively chill these chemicals, you in turn slow down the process of a chemical change by causing chemical particles to lose energy.

Effective chemical chilling can come in many forms. From an entire refrigerated room, to the tanks, drums, and other vessels that contain your industry specific chemicals you increase you quality assurance in your product by effectively providing the correct dynamic chilling process needed. This can be obtained by;

  • Eliminating heat and heat sources from chemical processes
  • Maintain a constant storage temperature
  • Providing an extra layer of protection
  • Maintain temperatures throughout storage, manufacturing, and transportation

Chemical chillers are an essential tool in the chemical manufacturing industry.

J.C. Younger Has Your Chemical Chiller Solutions

An entire refrigerated facility is both costly and time-consuming to fabricate and initiate. A rather viable option is to implement a chiller to utilize the localized available collying to eradicate unwanted heat from specific materials and specific areas. When you implement these cost saving measures in the form of an industrial chemical chiller, you are protecting more than your chemical processes and materials. You are protecting your investment as well.

J.C. Younger has a complete line of industry specific chillers for your specific needs, and chemicals are within their expertise as well. Whether you are looking for an air or water chiller application, J.C. Younger has the chiller, as well as the dedicated team of chiller experts to make your chemical chilling process a bit easier to understand, implement, and benefit from.

If adding a chemical chiller to your operation sounds like the next inevitable step to take your chemical processing company to the next level, then it is time to sit down with J.C. Younger and discuss those industry specific needs and possibilities. J.C. Younger is the industry leader in specific industrial chillers and their prospective applications.

Why don’t you take a moment and either call, or go by the J.C. Younger website and begin your process of chemical chilling!


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