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Using an Industrial Chiller For Welding Applications

If welding materials together is a part of your manufacturing process, is there anything that you implement to increase your QA (Quality Assurance) in the welds that you are producing? The short answer is YES!

In this post, we are going to discuss how you can implement a chiller into your welding process’ to:

  • Maintain consistent quality, weld after weld
  • Increase the overall quality of the weld itself
  • Prolong the life of your welding equipment
  • Increase your welding production by reducing your welder downtime

Let us begin by explaining exactly what a chiller’s role is in the welding industry.

How Welding Chillers Can Benefit Your Business 

It may be hard to imagine just how a chiller can be used in the process of joining two steel plates. When performing a weld you are heating the material and the solder to the point where the pieces fuse themselves together. That sounds like a lot of heat and energy to complete this process, and that is where the application of an industrial welding chiller comes in.

A welding chiller is designed to operate in tandem with specialized welding equipment such as robotic spot welders, or basically any welder that is continuously operating for a long period of time.  By using a water only or a glycol/water mixture these specialized chillers continually circulate the cooling solution around welding equipment at the point where the heat and energy are breaking down the solder to fuse the material together.

This cooling process will keep your welds uniform across the material being welded, and will also aid in the fusion process by providing some degree of cooling to the material itself.

If your manufacturing facility is looking for a way to increase the QA in your welds, and welding department, implementing a welding chiller is the solution that will fill that need!

Which Welding Applications Require a Welding Chiller?

The welding chiller that will be right for your manufacturing facility largely depends on what type of welding applications you are using. There different types of welding chillers, each with its own nuances according to the type of welding being done.

Some popular welding applications that would benefit from a welding chiller are:

  • Robotic Welders. Some high usage welders such as spot welders can benefit from the chillers that provide water cooled transformers and water cooled rectifiers.
  • Resistance Welders. These are the projection, seam, butt, and flashing welders commonly used in industrial applications. The chillers for these welders operate very efficiently as they recirculate the water supply internally instead replenishing it with every heat cycle.
  • Multiple MIG, TIG, or MAG Welders. You can effectively cool several of these types of welders when they are being used in unison. These chillers have the capability to control the cooling process based on the heating that is either ramping up, or down.

Welding chillers are also capable of providing effective chiller solutions for welding machines and welding process’ such as:

  • Laser Processing Equipment.
  • Lasers Using CO2 as a Welding Medium. 
  • Laser Welding, Drilling, and Cutting

Some benefits of adding a welding chiller to your facility include:

  • Prolonging the life of your welding equipment
  • Less downtime for your welders to cool down
  • Better quality of welds across multiple types of material
  • Increasing your welding production numbers

JC Younger Can Provide A Welding Chiller for Your Facility

Hopefully in this post, you have seen where your industry and application could benefit from adding a welding chiller. Or perhaps you are simply intrigued about adding a welding chiller to your facility. Either way, the next step is contacting that team of dedicated professional welding chiller experts at JC Younger.

Why not take a few minutes and either give them a call, or go by their website and begin the welding chiller upgrades for your industrial welding facility.


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