Cool Your Cakes With A Bakery Chiller

If you are preparing to launch a bakery business, chances are you have a home kitchen with an enormous refrigerator, or perhaps a second one altogether, devoted solely to storing your ingredients and final products. You may have even invested in a blast chiller to rapidly cool your baked goods. However, if you are preparing to expand to a storefront with production levels increasing to near-industrial level, an over-sized refrigerator designed for residential use will simply not do. When launching a bakery business it is necessary to upgrade to a commercial bakery chiller to cool your cakes.

A Consistent Chill

Chillers do much more than just cool your cakes. Bakeries need high performance bakery chillers designed to provide consistency so that rising dough never fails. Having a chiller freeze up can mean failure. In a bakery where the prime goods are the fresh cakes, pies and artisan breads offered up daily, a chiller freeze-up can spell disaster.

A Smart Chill

A bakery chiller also compensates for the heat produced during the dough mixing process. Even if a product enters the chiller warm, the cooling temperature stays constant. The specialized design of bakery chillers means that gluten, critical for baked goods, also maintains its integrity within the recipe.

A Big Chill

Success in business means consistency in quality. To keep up with the demands of higher volume a professional baker needs more than just a bigger kitchen. A top quality, professional grade, bakery chiller will keep your dough rising, prevent gluten failure, and every ingredient non-toxic when stored at an optimum safe temperature that never fluctuates. And all of that within a single unit large enough to store them all.

A Competitive Chill

The bakery business is very rewarding for caterers and chefs. It is also highly competitive. Every opportunity to enhance quality and reduce risk should be taken advantage of. The loss of an entire day’s production and ingredients for many more days of production can be devastating for any baker but even more so for small, independent bakeries and new businesses. Protect your investment with a reliable bakery chiller.

The Right Chill

For the baked good entrepreneur preparing their budget for a business launch, it may seem very discouraging when a baker begins pricing new bakery chillers. However, there is good news on that front. Why not rent? Not only is renting a bakery chiller the perfect economical option, it is also practical. After all, you’re a baker not a chiller technician, right? Do you really want to purchase a bakery chiller and then be responsible for the maintenance and repairs? No, you would rather be busy mixing batches and kneading dough. You want to be handling blenders and spoons, not screwdrivers and pliers. Renting a bakery chiller offers many advantages:

  • Returns – Say you start out small and business explodes. It is easy to upgrade when you rent.
  • Coverage – Damages are covered. If the worst happens, it’s not a business ending event. A replacement bakery chiller will soon arrive.
  • Resources – The company you rent your bakery chiller from is your resource for qualified technicians performing skilled routine maintenance and repairs.
  • Tax Benefit – What small business, or any business for that matter, doesn’t appreciate any potential tax benefit? In most cases, customers who rent a bakery chiller can write off 100% of the rental fees.
  • Response – Partnering with the right chiller company means quality service and rapid delivery and response.
  • Peace of Mind – When a baker knows that professionals are managing the demands of their bakery chiller, they enjoy peace of mind, only responsible for what it is they love best, creating baked goods.
  • Economics – Believe it or not, the chiller business is highly competitive. Savvy bakers can enjoy great savings by partnering with the right company.

To partner with a chiller company that has decades of experience, skilled technicians and a reputation for highly responsive customer service, please contact us. We service the chiller needs of food industry businesses all across America.


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