Cooling Solution for Dirty Environments

In the demanding world of industrial settings, maintaining a cool environment in the face of dirt and contaminants can be a significant challenge. JC Younger offers a pioneering solution for precisely these conditions. Our industrial chillers are custom-engineered to excel in the harshest environments, making us the preferred choice over conventional air conditioner companies.

The JC Younger Advantage:

Flawless Design for Dirty Environments: Our unique design system is the cornerstone of our success. We’ve developed a design that is impervious to the mechanical breakdowns that often plague traditional cooling systems in dirty environments.

Custom Glycol Chiller Systems: Our approach involves configuring glycol chiller systems to match the required application and air temperatures. This customization ensures that your cooling solution aligns perfectly with your needs.

Glycol Magic Air Cooling Coil: We’ve integrated the revolutionary “Glycol Magic Air Cooling Coil” into our systems. This technology ensures that even when the cooling coil becomes dirty, it does not transfer heat back to the chiller. This feature safeguards the chiller system’s efficiency and longevity.

Prevent Compressor Damage: Operating conventional air conditioner systems in dirty environments can lead to compressor damage. JC Younger’s innovative solutions eliminate this risk, ensuring the reliability of your cooling equipment.

JC Younger delivers a groundbreaking cooling solution designed to thrive in dirty industrial environments. Our custom-engineered industrial chillers, featuring the Glycol Magic Air Cooling Coil, represent a significant leap forward in cooling technology. Say goodbye to the constant worries of system breakdowns, increased maintenance costs, and compressor damage in dirty environments.

Choose JC Younger for a cooling solution that not only beats the heat but also triumphs over the harshest conditions. Contact us today to discuss your cooling needs, and let us provide you with the ideal custom solution to keep your environment comfortably cool and free from the worries of mechanical breakdowns. With JC Younger, cooling in dirty environments has never been easier or more reliable.


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