Industrial Chiller Rentals for Small Business During Coronavirus

Last updated on February 28th, 2022 at 11:02 pm

How Industrial Chillers Can Benefit Independent Food Producers

empty shelves

Consumers are stocking up in response to the COVID-19 crisis. But shoppers entering both supermarkets and small independent grocery stores across the country are finding shelves empty.

Sometimes the cause is a supply chain problem, but often, in the case of meat, produce, and frozen items, the store simply doesn’t have enough cold storage space to maintain the level of back-stock needed to meet unprecedented demand.

There is plenty of food in the country as this New York Times report details. But when stores can’t keep up with demand, shoppers react to the empty shelves with more panic buying. Empty shelves, as every retailer knows, mean lost opportunity for sales.

Enter the concept of “Curbside Cold Storage“.

A Simple Solution for Supermarkets and Neighborhood Grocery Stores – Curbside Chillers

With an increased demand for food from grocery stores and meat markets, the concept of, “Curbside Cold Storage” is becoming a popular option. Renting cold storage units makes it possible keep store coolers stocked with product during this time of heavy demand. Renting units is an affordable way to increase storage space anytime, but the ability to rent is especially important when the need may be only temporary.

curb side chiller rentals available

Curbside Cold Storage Unit Rentals Can Increase Profits

A store whose display coolers are always fully stocked is appreciated by customers. Knowing they can find what they need whenever they stop by is a feature that keeps them coming back. During these days of high demand, and resulting empty shelves, shoppers are even more appreciative of the ability to find the products they are seeking at the first store they visit.

For customer service and the interest of profit it simply makes sense to rent cold storage chillers for curbside storage in order to sell as much product as possible during this high demand time.

Other Perks of Renting a Storage Chiller

  • Flexibility – ease of changing to a different size or style of unit depending on your cooling needs.
  • Security and ease of maintenance – Our units are fully covered under rental agreements for wear and tear damage.  You won’t be responsible for spending thousands of dollars on repair and maintenance.
  • Potential Tax Benefit – In most cases you can write off 100% of the rent.
  • Prompt Shipping – Units can normally reach you within 1-5 business days.

Why Rent a Storage Chiller from J. C. Younger?

J. C. Younger is a well-established company, founded in 1956.  The experienced and knowledgeable staff offers over 140 years of collective experience and one master refrigeration license. From a well stocked 40,000 square foot facility in Minneapolis, Minnesota, cold storage units are shipped nationwide. The company is fully insured. All types of industries are served, including food service, and medical.

The  company offers chillers for a much more reasonable charge than most competitors, and can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The details are covered: Hoses are provided for quick installation, reducing downtime. Transformers can also be provided if the correct voltage for the unit’s requirements isn’t available on site.

Want to see what some J. C. Younger customers say about the reliability of the company’s service? Click here.

What Size Chiller Do I Need – and What About Shipping?

A company representative will help you determine the specific type of chiller that will best suit your company’s specific needs. The company’s experienced staff can also help determine the most secure and economical shipping arrangement.

At J.C. Younger Company, we are able to offer small and large rental chillers for unique cooling needs. We also offer replacement cooling systems and back up chillers. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to  contact us. We will take pleasure in helping you find and obtain the best chiller for your company.


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