Custom Chiller Manufacturing Solutions for Your Business

Getting everything right the first time can be a rather daunting task, particularly when starting any business. It seems there is always a thing or two that gets overlooked, or something that ends up way over cost from the amount you have budgeted. Add to that an impatient board of directors or investors and suddenly the dream of starting a manufacturing facility quickly turns to the stuff nightmares are made of.

Today we are going to look at one aspect of your business that can dispel all those nightmarish scenarios and take some sting out of starting your business. That is what the team at JC Younger stands poised to do. Providing your manufacturing business with just the right custom chiller solutions so you spend more time promoting your new business instead of pouring sweat over another detail.

JC Younger and Your Chiller

Whether your new facility is going to be diving into the very lucrative new CBD market, or something with an already proven track record such as food and dairy products your facility is going to need custom chillers to manufacture your product and further enhance your business.

JC Younger has been providing the chiller solutions for these and other industries since 1956. In that time, JCY has been at the forefront of design and innovations within the chiller manufacturing and installation niche.

The microbrewery industry that has found firm footing nationwide is doing so with custom chiller solutions that were engineered by the JCY team. From chiller rentals to get you up and running, to those more permanent chiller applications when your chiller needs begin to grow with your company, no other chiller manufacturer will be with you and your company every step of the way like the team from JCY.

Look at these features of a JCY chiller solution;

  • ETL – UL 1995 listed equipment (indoor/outdoor locations)
  • No specialized or OEM components
  • Industrial design and construction
  • All components available at the wholesale level
  • Total outdoor packages available
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Each unit is custom to individual customer and application
  • Unit operation and maintenance is very user-friendly
  • No microprocessors, transducers, or hermetic controls utilized
  • Designed for dependable, reliable service
  • Most unit protection available in the industry
  • Programmable Voltage Monitor
  • JCY Industrial Chiller Motor Protection
  • Johnson Controls A421 Series
  • Johnson Controls Industrial Controllers

These features and well-known company components are simply another shining example of how JC Younger will meet then exceed your expectations with your manufacturing business chiller needs.

JC Younger Success Stories

As the JCY company grew, so too did the needs of manufacturing facilities with regard to their chiller needs. Over the past 60 years, JCY has been considered an industry leader with engineering new chiller designs, and keeping up the pace with new innovations within the chiller industry.

During that time, JCY has provided the chiller solutions for manufacturing businesses such as;

  • ADO
  • 3M
  • Action Plastics Inc.
  • Five Watt Coffee
  • Cannon River Winery
  • Lee Products Company
  • Burning Brothers Brewery
  • Steinwall Plastics Injection Molding
  • Bad Habit Brewing
  • A.H. Meyers and Sons Beeswax Rendering
  • Big Watt
  • Lift Bridge Brewing Co.
  • Rustech Brewing Co.

JCY played an instrumental role in helping these companies achieve their business goals. There is no reason that JCY can’t help your manufacturing business join this list of success stories as well!

Let JC Younger Handle All Your Chiller Needs!

We understand that starting a business, any business is tough. But, when the time comes for the chillers you will need for your manufacturing business, the team from JCY can ease that burden.

Why not take a few moments and give this team of dedicated chiller professionals the opportunity to handle all of your upcoming chiller solutions!


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