Dairy Farming: Before and After Chillers

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At J.C. Younger (JCY), it is not only about manufacturing and remanufacturing the best chillers in the industry. It is also about staying up on the latest innovations that can improve what we do for our customers. At other times like now, it is just fun to revisit history and those inventions that have brought us to where we are today.

The dairy industry has a history dating back to times that are hard to imagine with the technological advances we have today. Today’s dairy farms deliver this delicious beverage to us all. Wow, is right. Did you catch where chillers come into play?

Discoveries that Helped Revolutionized the Dairy Industry

As most everyone knows, we are one of the most advanced countries around the world. Companies utilize innovative systems that safely produce beverages and food products. One of the industries that chillers helped to revolutionize in the United States is the dairy industry.

The Pasteurization Process

The “Historical Timeline” of milk production, as found on ProCon, takes us way back in time to 8,000 BC. Thanks to Louis Pasteur, his discovery of pasteurization has allowed us to consume milk without harmful microbes that he proved to be found in milk and wine.

The Cooling Process before Chillers

As found on Wikipedia, “Dairy farming” gives us the history of milk preservation. It is the process of cooling milk that has been “the main method by which milk freshness has been extended.” Before electricity and refrigeration, “windmills and well pumps” not only helped to provide cool water for the animals, but they also served to help preserve milk while waiting to be taken to the local markets. “The naturally cold, underground water would be continuously pumped into a cooling tub or vat.” What a foundational idea for our chillers today.

The Cooling Process with Chillers

Milk cooling process evolved once refrigeration was invented. A plate heat exchanger(PHE) is an important device that is used to remove heat from milk being passed through these plates. Along with the process of using underground water to cool milk, chillers have been added: “to remove the remaining heat with a mixture of chilled, pure water and propylene glycol.”

Types of Chillers for the Dairy Industry

J.C. Younger has been working with the Dairy Industry for years, and we know how important it is to our customers and milk consumers alike to manufacture quality and reliable chillers for the milk production process. Whether you are new in the dairy industry, or you need to make some decisions for additional growth, we have the experience and knowledge in the role chillers play in the processing of milk.

JCY Chiller Rentals Can Alleviate Wasted Money and Time in the Dairy Industry

It is our mission to educate our customers and readers with informational blogs. We revisit previous information to make it easier to understand what we do, and how we can help with your chiller decisions.

Strategic Use of JCY Rental Chillers

Also previously addressed, we want to make sure our customers, new and old, remember that the use of our corporate rental chillers can help you better adjust to the demand fluctuations that may occur in your dairy product throughout the year. And, our chiller rentals can be strategic solutions for temporary air conditioning and humidity control that cows need in the hot months of the year as found on Hobby Farms.

Advantages of JCY Chiller Rentals

The J.C. Younger team makes it their business to quickly customize any chiller for our customers needing a rental system. We know our customers cannot wait weeks, and that is why we work fast for “quick availability, quick installation, flexibility, transformer provided,” and the maintenance is our responsibility.

J.C. Younger Helping the Dairy Industry with Dedication and Efficiency

If you don’t know much about the J.C. Younger team, we welcome you to call us with concerns and questions regarding the chilling information you need to know to produce quality milk product for consumption. With over six decades of manufacturing and remanufacturing of quality chillers, we are here to offer our customers the best expertise and knowledge in the industry. Call us to find out more about our JCY advantages and customer support. It is always an honor to be your first choice for all your chiller needs.


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