How To Meet Distillery Chiller Challenges

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Problems Distilleries Face

The distillery business has developed many technical innovations over the centuries, and one of the primary reasons for these innovations is the inherent challenge that comes with distilling alcoholic beverages.

Distilling is a multi-step process of fermenting liquids, heating them, and then cooling them to create condensation. Chillers are used in both the fermenting process and the condensing process, but the condensing part has to be done quickly and precisely in order to control taste and the alcoholic process.

The additional challenge comes from large loads needing condensing all at once. This can seem like it requires a large and expensive chiller.

Solutions to Distillery Challenges

You can avoid an unwieldy chiller in two ways.

You can attach a buffer water tank and a cold-water skid to your chiller. The tank will be full of pre-chilled water that the skid can pump into your glycol chillers as soon as you turn it on. The water will take heat out of your distilling liquids and then go through the heat exchangers in the water skid and back into the tank, where it will finish cooling and go right back into your chiller.

The other way of meeting this challenge is to pair your chiller with a cooling tower. The chiller will run hot liquid through an open-topped cylindrical tower that will act as a heat exchanger, dumping the heat into the air. They can work by running the water past a fan or running the heated liquid through a tube that is in cooler air.

Best Circumstance For A Reservoir

Adding a tank of cold water cuts down on the time it takes to cool things down and allows you to have a smaller chiller when your workspace is small.  Many distilleries have a lot of downtime, and this makes it more efficient to get ahead of your chilling needs by doing part of the work before the fermented liquids are ready for the process.

Best Circumstances For Direct Chilling

Very small operations can benefit from the cooling tower. Cooled water tanks aren’t cost-effective if your loads tend not to be big. You might also operate continuously, and then you won’t have any time for the tank of buffer water to cool down.

Chillers are often kept outside because they release a lot of heat, so adding a cooling tower might also be able to take advantage of cold ambient air. It also won’t matter as much if your chiller takes up space if it is outside.

How JC Younger Can Help Your Distillery Business Chiller Needs

We know that the distilling industry has unique needs. What’s more, every distillery has its own quirks. Our distillery chiller rental process caters to these requirements in many ways.

  • We lease chiller packages that include pumps and reservoirs that work together seamlessly and save you the money and hassle of finding extra parts.
  • We can lend you a smaller chiller and then add on slave modules as your operation grows. Most of our 5 HP and bigger modules are designed with this in mind.
  • Our chillers are sized to fit in your particular distillery.
  • There is a brewery specialist at our company who has plenty of experience in the industry.
  • Distillery chiller rentals come with a maintenance package so you don’t have to waste time cleaning it.
  • All our chillers meet ETL-UL 1995 standards and lack microprocessors and OEM parts, which means they are easy to fix and parts are easy to replace.
  • Problems with the chillers can often be fixed over a simple phone call, and our technicians can come to you if anything complicated arises.
  • We take orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and ship out your distillery chiller quickly so you can have what you need when you need it.

Running a distillery is a complicated business. It isn’t necessary to add distillery chiller trouble to your list of worries, and that is why we would love it if you contact us if you need a chiller.

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