Distillery News & Info Heading into 2020

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Distillery Chillers Made in the USA

J.C. Younger has been in operation for over six decades, and we are dedicated to chiller manufacturing and remanufacturing, along with supplying rental chillers to keep operations flowing. Operating a successful distillery comes with a lot of sweat and tears. When you become a J.C. Younger client, you can focus on your business and producing the best product. To offer our customers the best chillers, we keep up with the industry news, and it’s all exciting to us.

Craft Spirits Taking the Lead from Craft Breweries

In the second quarter of 2019, reported that while “craft brewery expansion continues at a slower rate,” while craft distilleries open at accelerated pace.” “Scaling and expansion” are vital steps that breweries are taking to stay competitive. Craft distilleries are closely monitoring the craft brewery struggles, and they are “keeping operations quaint and production goals modest,” while they aren’t rushing to expand.

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A Craft Distilling Community

Organized in “2003,” the American Distilling Institute (ADI) is the “beacon for the craft distilling community.” The annual expo is on tap for April 6th through 8th, 2020, and is going to be in the welcoming city of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Support for Craft Distillers and Brewers

A unique “group of like-minded professionals,” the Craft Distillers and Brewers Association (CDBA), bring “the cutting-edge of industry techniques, trends, and philosophy” together. Their annual expo is set to flow from May 10th through 13th, 2020 to be held in the exciting city of Kissimmee, Florida.

Distilleries Making a Splash Across America and Beyond

Like many craft beer followers, if you’re making your way around our grand country to discover some of the best spirits, UPROXX helps you plan some exciting trips or one major tour across America. Wherever you start, you will travel through most of the country’s landscapes.

As we mentioned earlier, sweat and tears come along with creating the spirit that people come to love. With one distiller, it took one more element. You may want to add a stop in Oregon to taste test the spirits at Blood x Sweat x Tears, as reviewed on BEVERAGEDynamics.

Another point of interest will take spirit tasters to Columbus, Ohio, as reviewed by The Columbus Dispatch. “Endeavor Brewing of Grandview Heights is now Endeavor Brewing and Spirits, becoming central Ohio’s first combined brewery and distillery.”

For a complete view of the distilleries across globe, Distillery.News offers a drill-down map. Find the distilleries that are on your route to visit for a unique spirit taste.

Contemplating Starting a Distillery in 2020? Don’t Forget the Chiller!

As you will learn on 2ndKitchen, there is a lot to consider when starting a distillery business today. There is one piece of equipment not mentioned, and that is the chiller. A chiller is vital to the cooling process.

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JCY Glycol Chillers: Quality-Built and User-Friendly Makes Support Easy for Us

Whether you’re looking to start a distillery or you’re in the market to partner with a dependable and expert chiller manufacturer, we hope you will contact the team at J.C. Younger (JCY) for consideration.

Confident with Years of Quality Manufacturing

We are confident we can deliver the chiller you distilling operation needs. As we mentioned earlier, we make sure we have rental units that we can quickly customize for our customer start-ups, maintenance, and emergencies.

Committed to Exceptional Chillers and Customer Service

Because we only use the highest quality parts and components, we build our chillers to last with proper monitoring and maintenance. We make them user-friendly so that our customers are not wasting time they need to run their operation. When you need support, we troubleshoot most problems over the phone.

Complete Package of Customer-Focused Services

From shipping to maintenance, we have a team set up to deliver the best in customer service. Browse our JCY Advantage to know that our customers’ satisfaction is of utmost importance to us all at J.C. Younger. If you’re also seeking financial assistance, we have also partnered with financial institutions to help our customers get the financing help they may need.

Call for Complete Chiller Chat

We invite you to call and find out more about us at J.C. Younger. We are always excited to share what we know and how we can deliver the highest-quality distillery chiller systems along with exceptional customer service. Your consideration is always an honor to us.


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