Factors to Consider When Buying a Remanufactured Chiller

Remanufactured chillers offer a cost-effective alternative to business owners who are looking for creative ways to control operating costs. Buyers who are considering investing in a remanufactured chiller should understand the differences that exist between new chillers, remanufactured chillers and used chillers. When evaluating providers of refurbished chillers, prospective buyers should recognize that not all remanufactured chillers are created equal. Buyers should be sure to consider a manufacturer’s industry experience and commitment to quality.

How a Remanufactured Chiller Differs from a Used Chiller

There are three general categories of chillers available for purchase by suppliers. The category of chiller depends upon the date of manufacture, the degree of use, and whether any components have been replaced by an experienced technician. Below are the three general categories of chillers:

  • New chillers: Unused and with a current date of manufacture
  • Used chillers: Pre-owned but without replaced new parts or warranty
  • Remanufactured chillers: Pre-owned but thoroughly inspected with new key components and warranty

While used chillers may be available online at an attractive price, their components are often worn and there is often no guarantee that they will be in good working order. Professionally remanufactured chillers, on the other hand, have undergone a thorough inspection by a trained technician. Worn components have been replaced with new ones and a warranty is typically included with the purchase price.

Key Elements of the Chiller Remanufacturing Process

Professionally remanufactured chillers can be built in accordance with desired specifications. Remanufactured chillers have undergone a thorough inspection by a trained technician. They have been completely tested and cleaned before they are reused by a new buyer. Below are some of the key elements of the chiller remanufacturing process:

  • The chiller’s existing compressor is replaced with a new compressor
  • A new reservoir and new pumps are installed
  • New electrical and mechanical components are installed
  • The chiller’s original frame, evaporator and condenser are typically retained
  • A one year defective parts warranty is included with the purchase price

Chillers that have been professionally remanufactured are ETL listed and evaluated in accordance to UL 1995 standards. This commitment to quality sets professionally remanufactured chillers apart from other pre-owned chillers on the market.

The Importance of a Warranty with a Remanufactured Chiller

Chillers are a major investment for a company and they can be costly to ship and install. It is critical that purchasers make an informed buying decision when buying a remanufactured chiller. Most important, a remanufactured chiller should include a warranty – preferably the same warranty as a new unit. The absence of a defective parts warranty may be indicate that the chiller is no longer supported by the manufacturer, making the availability of replacement parts virtually impossible.

Not all Remanufactured Chillers are Created Equal

Purchasing a remanufactured chiller is a much different process than purchasing a new chiller. Buyers must be wary of people and fly-by-night companies that try to sell their damaged or malfunctioning chillers to unsuspecting online buyers in search of a low price. Ideally, prospective buyers should seek the following:

  • A chiller manufacturer that is fully licensed and insured
  • Years of proven experience in the chiller manufacturing industry
  • A manufacturer that is ETL-UL 1995 listed
  • A company that clearly outlines all costs in advance
  • A chiller manufacturer with a firm commitment to quality

Selecting a Reputable Provider of Remanufactured Chillers

As a provider with nearly five decades of experience of manufacturing chillers, J.C. Younger (JCY) has become the nation’s most trusted provider of new and remanufactured chillers. As a manufacturer that is ETL-UL 1995 listed, JCY is dedicated to using the highest quality components to construct their chillers. Their wide selection of chillers includes affordable remanufactured units and chillers available for rent. We invite you to contact us and learn how you can save money by investing in a remanufactured chiller for your facility. We look forward to becoming your trusted solution for your chiller needs!


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