How Chillers Are Used in Successful Plant Cultivation

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Commercial-grade chillers have received much attention in recent years because of the cannabis cultivation market, but they are also used in many types of plant development. In this post, we want to explore the technology that is found in chillers used for cannabis production and for growing other plants.

Hopefully, this treatment of the subject will help readers to rethink how to prepare plants for the market and to ensure that live specimens and harvested plants are not inadvertently acquiring pests or toxins that would render them unsellable to end consumers especially because of a lack of environmental controls. That would be bad for business. What’s more, renting commercial chillers from J.C. Younger instead of buying them and having them break down on you can also help you meet specific energy usage goals.

What a Plant Cultivation Chiller Includes

We do have an extensive website that includes photos of the different kinds of chillers for lease and for sale from J.C. Younger, but we think it’s helpful to explore the mechanisms that commercial chillers include. We take pride in ensuring that the chillers we rent/sell to clients in the agricultural sector are reliable and built to ensure the highest quality in all of their cultivation processes.

Looking at Chiller Design

We understand that cannabis growers and developers of other kinds of plants for the commercial market (think supplements like açaí berry and cranberry) may be inclined to choose indoor cultivation. If you will grow your plants in a greenhouse or completely indoors, you will need to be able to completely control all of the environmental conditions.

If you are operating a grow house in a very hot climate like Florida or Puerto Rico, for example,  you may need commercial chillers to lower the internal air temperature significantly below the ambient temperature. If you are operating in a place like Colorado, your facility can face rapid shifts in temperature, from extremely cold to warm in the same day (i.e. -40F degrees to 75 degrees in less than 24 hours). Using chillers that respond to the cooling demand in each room helps growers maintain a constant temperature for their plants.  Our chillers are also used in Cannabis oil extraction process (CO2, Butane, Methanol Alcohol, and other solvents). These oils are used to extract THC, CBC, and hundreds of other beneficial Medical and recreational uses.

One cool thing we heard recently from one of our oil extraction customers is “JCY was able to provide a chiller system that actually cooled there process down to there needed temperatures unlike the last four chiller manufactures they worked with. They were very skeptical at first working with JCY, but after several days in the chiller set phase: they realized that JCY was knowledgeable and did provide the right equipment for this process.”

Any fluctuations in temperature, especially one degree in a medical facility, can make a product or a set of ingredients to be used in a product worthless. It’s all about quality control.

Why Hydroponics

Cannabis growers and other plant cultivators often trust a complete environmental system that allows them to control both temperature and humidity within the greenhouse or interior building. One system that a grower might choose is a hydroponic system, which depends on the successful use of water to transfer heat in both cooling and heating systems.

There may be multiple loops within the closed system, including the movement of chilled water and the movement of heated water through piping or tubing.

A hydroponic system will require at least one chiller or cooling tower to cool the water in the chilling loop. The same system will depend on a heater to elevate the temperature of the water in the heating loop. Think of cannabis (which may actually be industrial grade hemp or marijuana) as a specialty product that demands tight control of the facility’s temperature and humidity. Even when two or more rooms in a growing facility have separate ventilation systems, they may share the same cooling system.

Each room must be air-tight because leaks could permit the growth of mold. The same leaks can also lead to energy wastage, which defeats the purpose of using the controlled environment instead of an outdoor setting.

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We understand that there is a growing market for hemp and marijuana production projected to be in the multi-billions in the next two to three years in the U.S. alone. We strive to be able to provide a chiller system for you exact oil extraction process and or green rooms.

The trend towards widespread use of cannabinoids for consumers in a variety of products, many of which are not yet regulated, makes it essential that cultivators rely on companies like ours for commercial grade chillers and cooling towers. For more details, please contact us today.


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