How to Start Your Own Brewery

So you have decided to start your own brewery. The good news is, the process of starting your own brewery is much like starting any other business. If 2021 figures prove to be accurate at years end, this country will have in excess of 9000 independent breweries and there is no reason that yours cannot be one of them.

In this post, we are going to give you some more information on starting your brewery. The difference is, this information is an excellent starting point. If your brewery is just getting off the ground, this might just be the information you need to start your brewery in the right direction.

You Need a Business Plan… And a Plan for Everything Else!

Every startup begins with a solid business plan. Once you have accomplished the writing of this business plan, begin to formulate a plan for every minute detail of your brewery from location, to equipment, and products as well as inventory. Stay ahead of the startup curve by having a solid plan for everything and make sure that you and your team execute that plan when the time comes.

Planning every detail along the way from concept to realization will let any potential investors know how serious and committed you are to starting this brewery. Find a need and then fill that need with solutions. This needs to be the backbone of every step of planning your brewery.

You Need a Team… For Everything!

Surround yourself with the right people. Build the team that has your end goal in mind. Empower each team member with specific tasks, and let them know how often they need to let you know how their projects are going. For example, have a team member that is responsible for;

  • Finding the perfect location and negotiating lease or buy opportunities for what is right for your company
  • Finding the equipment your brewery will need and also negotiate lease or buy tactics
  • Keeping the necessary permits and license current 
  • Developing any new products, and  improving the ones that will be the anchor of your brewery
  • Staying on top of the current laws and regulations regarding your brewery

Of course, you will be ultimately responsible for each step of opening your brewery but keep in mind that you have a good team behind you so that you can pay attention to those little things that will set your brewery apart from the crowd. There may be several microbreweries and pub breweries in your target market area, so make sure you have that one little thing that makes your brewery unique.

Getting the Right Equipment for Your Start-Up Brewery

When the time comes to begin thinking about equipment for your brewery there is going to be a few things to keep in mind;

  • How much beer are you looking to produce on an annual basis?
  • Will you need production equipment only, or do you plan on selling your product in your own pub or restaurant?
  • Should you lease or buy your equipment?

In the case of most start-up breweries, it just makes better sense to lease your equipment until your product reaches the stage where it now has a fair share of the market in your area. Once this happens, then yes by all means purchase your own equipment.

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