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JC Younger's Remanufactured Chiller Process

We'll make sure your chiller is up to code and running at maximum efficiency. Our remanufactured chillers are in stock, ready for immediate duplication or shipment today! These industrial-strength machines have been completely overhauled with all new parts so they're guaranteed not only efficient but also ETL listed too - meaning you can rest easy knowing that every part has passed rigorous testing before being put through its paces again just like never-used originals do the finest work for us. The frame; condenser & evaporator remain inside each one of these refurbished pieces after transformation. We take pride in the quality of our industrial chillers and want you, as a customer to be satisfied. All components are thoroughly cleaned before being sent out again on your next project- no matter how big or small it may seem! We maintain UL 1995 standards for all equipment manufactured within these chiller manufacturing processes so that we can assure top performance under any circumstance with just one quick visit from us here at JC Younger Industrial Chillers. The difference in quality between modern-day and older condenser coils is quite evident. Modern ones are usually made of cheaper material with thin gauge fins that were used to keep costs low, but they're not fit for this task anymore since rising prices have caused them to decline even further over time as well!

Remanufactured Chiller Warranty

JC Younger offers a wide range of chillers to meet your needs. We build them with quality and protection at the forefront, so you can have peace-of-mind that they'll work perfectly for years! All our "stock" remanufactured models come equipped with an industry-leading warranty - including one-year parts coverage just as much as their engineering expertise is second nature when it comes down to protecting what matters most: Your factory floor or warehouse space. We encourage all customers interested in purchasing this product to contact us today about how we may assist them by providing more information than ever before available on these high-impact machines which will help you make informed decisions regarding an investment in an industrial chiller.

JC Younger's Individual Remanufactured Chillers

We also offer individual remanufactured chillers that are one of a kind. These units have been cleaned, tested, and repaired to UL 1995 standards with no limitations on location or application - all for your convenience! The warranty varies depending upon what you buy but it is still backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee so if anything goes wrong we will be happy to help make things right again quickly without costing too much money in involving third parties such as engineers who may charge an arm & leg just because they are hired and may not work hard. All units are F.O.B. – J.C. Younger Co., Mpls., MN


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