Is It Time For A Little Chiller Maintenance?

Chillers are a big investment, so it is understandable that many people are leery of spending much on maintaining them. It can also feel like a hassle over a machine that seems to be doing its job in the background forever, no matter how well it does. However, maintaining your chiller rewards you many times over, and sometimes it pays to have a total refurbishment.

Benefits of Chiller Maintenance

A chiller’s main job is to extract heat from your product or process and release it elsewhere. The better it does this, the cheaper and better everything is. A refurbishing can help by:

  • Keeping parts clean so they work well. For instance, clean pipes facilitate efficient heat exchange throughout the system.
  • Corrects tiny leaks and bad parts before they get too bad to deal with and make the chillers use of electricity more efficient.
  • Saves you from the major repairs a really dirty chiller can need and catch minor flaws that are interfering with the job.
  • Keeps your machine operating well for longer.

When Is A Deep Clean and Repair A Good Idea for Chillers?

How often your chiller needs this attention depends on your operations and business location. Some businesses perform a thorough inspection once or twice a year, and they decide on whether they need a refurbishing then.

If you are the sort of whiz-kid business owner that keeps a maintenance log and records chiller performance daily, you have a good hint as to when your chiller needs love. When your daily record of chiller temperatures and efficiency shows a notable change in operating range, you should get it refurbished to remove clogs and correct whatever is detracting from operations.

If you don’t keep a log, or if you just want to be on top of things, it is a good idea to have your heat-exchanger tubes cleaned of scale once every two years. That’s about how long it takes for hard water to coat the surfaces to such an extent that they lose some of their ability to move heat. It might be simpler to give the chiller a thorough overhaul at that time for efficiency’s sake.

You might want to have your chiller deep cleaned every year before you start using it if you use it seasonally. This way it can start fresh for the new year.

Taking it to a professional for refurbishing and maintenance may be the most efficient way of dealing with any unexpected rattling in your chiller. The cause may be as simple as a loose, dirty filter or bad fans, and the refurbishing professional can fix most such problems.

What JCY Can Do For Your Chiller Repair Needs

JC Younger believes passionately in the ability of your chiller to work at its peak and bring maximum productivity to your business. This is why we will refurbish your chiller if you send it to us. Once we have it in our professional hands, we can bring it to a like-new state. How? We will:

  • Make basic repairs such as correcting bad chiller fans and bad controls.
  • Give it a thorough cleaning, including the condenser fans, so things run smoothly. We will even clean the sightglass so you can keep an eye on your products.
  • We can do needed painting.
  • Check for leaking pumps and ensure parts are performing up to spec.
  • Check filters for tears and efficiency.
  • Make sure you are using the right ratio of glycol to water in the chiller.

We make a point of offering technical help in keeping your chiller working when you rent one from us, and routine maintenance is part of our chiller rental package. This is because we believe that your chiller operating at its best is crucial for your business, so contact us if your chiller is in need of some love.

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